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Student Success Stories – Bill Winston

Dear Ron,

I just returned home from the Orlando 2019 Quick Start School this past Wednesday to Saturday and wanted to write “Thank You” for these past few days. These past few days are the best I have ever experienced. Each minute was obviously designed for the student’s benefit such that not one second was wasted on anything extraneous. While these are long days, they are well worth the investment of time and energy for anyone who wants to learn this business. The amount and quality of information provided is like nothing else I have seen. Two things are very clear to me:

  1. You are not a master, but THE MASTER of real estate investing. (Your ability to see and put together a deal is so amazing!)
  2. You are committed to the success of your students.

I am so looking forward to being in the Master’s program and so gland I joined.

I have been listening to your videos for some time during my 70-minute commute every day to and from work. Many I have listened to more than three times to drink in the insights you provide to crafting a deal structure that meets both the seller needs and the student’s business needs. It is clear that this is not simply theory that is being rehearsed but that you are sharing from the depth of your own experience how best to run this business. These videos are so compelling that I wanted to hear and attend your Quick Start program in person – and I am glad I did! Your plain-speaking style makes the practical information that student needs to understand clear, concise and to the point. That combined with the very practical business advice of “moving-on” to the next prospect when you encounter someone who doesn’t want to work with you are life lessons in business that would take years to learn without your guidance. Conversely, however, your ability (when talking with a seller who will answer your straight-forward questions) to come up with a deal structure that meets the sellers wishes and makes sense for your business is totally impressive. In fact, seeing you frequently outline multiple ways that the property could be acquired, and then “put to work” so much, it makes me want to learn more and more, let alone get started ASAP.

In my career, I have long been a “delegator” and a systems guy. So, I knew from the start that I needed virtual assistants, a CRM, and a marketing plan if my business if ever going to success. The problem was, despite the fact, I knew where was needed, I couldn’t put those people and systems in place fast enough, efficiently enough, to make it cost effective. I tried hiring and training my own virtual assistants and quickly became aware of all the pitfalls: They quite after a dew days or weeks. They don’t follow the system and instead take short cuts. It is difficult to supervise and maintain any kind of quality control.

Realizing I needed a better VA solution, I began to use your virtual assistants a month ago – What a difference! My team leader is easy to work with but just as important it is obvious that the level of training, supervision and quality control is far better than anything I could do on my own. This combined with the DREAMS CRM makes tracking their work easy and quickly accessible while at the same time providing me the details, I need to determine what marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not.

I have invested a lot of money in the past in marketing. These are by far the best, most productive dollars I have spent. This is important to me since from the start I have known that marketing is key and can be very expensive. So wasted dollars and efforts are very costly and a waste on a start-up business.

Speaking of marketing, thank you for introducing me to Christy Kind. In my professional career, I have done a lot of direct mail campaigns and working with list brokers. When I have applied this knowledge in the past to my own business, I have been sadly disappointed with the quality of lists I have gotten as a real estate investor. While my first campaign with Christy is just started, it is already clear that I have fewer undeliverable letters returned. The responses, so far, while not great, have been better than what I have previously experienced.

I want to thank you also for introducing me to the Wolff’s. While I have known – and feel as though I know them – from your videos, heading and seeing them in person has been even better. The level of enthusiasm they bring is contagious and their insights are equally impressive. Brian and Lynette compliment each other very well and since Brian is a “thinker-brain” and Lynette a quick “action-taker,” they provide complimentary role models which should help many types of personalities. In some ways, I feel like a mix of both – so I benefit from both.

On the evening of Day 1, we had the opportunity to hear and see the Wolff’s making live follow-up phone calls. To be honest, I couldn’t get enough of this type of training. There is such a value in seeing this happen, live, before your very eyes. Brian and Lynette each have their own style making these calls; so, they model for the student, that there are ways for each person to make these calls in a way that matches their style and personality. They are each impressive in making these calls in their own ways. Lynette brings a style which is electrifying even though the telephone as she explains term purchases and get the questions answered that are needed to structure the deal. Brian has his style in doing this which is easily impressive. As they alternated making the calls that evening, I was so impressed with how they guided the conservations and met the sellers wishes. One call in particular which Brian took, was amazing. He had to “pivot” so many times to address the seller need, to offer a suggestion or to get more information. What a skill! What many would have taken as “roadblocks” and simply ended the call, Brian was able to keep the “ball in the air” back and forth so the conversation continued to unfold. Lynette, in her style, does the same. Two different styles – but same goals. As soon as I heard about their videos of seller calls with role play opportunities for the student to practice, I knew I wanted that system.

Another huge benefit from Quick Start School is having the leads I brought called by the Wolff’s. This was a BIG attraction to me to coming to the 4-day event. I knew I wanted to bring as many yes leads as possible and worked to get my VA a lot of names to call before (about 750 to be exact) so that could bring 17 yes sheets. I am following up this week with those sheets, but I know that this is one benefit that should make anyone want to come to Quick Start.

I enjoyed the chance to hear Jay Conner talk about his business and how he structures it. He is another contagious personality. The way he explains his business choices and how and why he has structured his program is great information. His presentations are clear and easy to follow, and they certainly keep your attention. Like you, and Brian & Lynette, I can’t get enough of listening to your (and their) experiences and how each of you have overcome what appears to be challenges or ways in which you have structured your businesses.

Thank you again, and thanks to your colleagues and your staff for putting this altogether. This program has much to offer and provides so many solutions and support – I knew it can work. Anyone on the fence about whether to attend, should know they will not regret signing up and they will learn so much and get so much guidance.

Again, my thanks.


Bill Winston

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