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Home » Resources » Testimonials » Millionaire in the Making – Jason McCurdy

Millionaire in the Making – Jason McCurdy

Hi, my name is Jason McCurdy and about three months ago, I discovered Ron LeGrand. Before taking any action, I learned as much as I could from him. For two straight months, I did nothing but dedicate myself to my education of Ron’s systems. With none of my own money or credit, I learned how to do many different types of deals, including wholesaling, owner financing, subject to, auctions, pre-foreclosures, REOs, and so many other types of deals in the Pretty House and the Ugly House business.

Finally, I decided to begin taking action and I got my first deal! This deal, all in all, will make me around $40,000! A few days later, I got another deal and that one will make me over $60,000 in net profit! I’d say three months of dedication and hard work are worth six figures every day of the week and I’m just getting started! It won’t be long before I’m making 7 figures a year and anyone can do this. If you want to change your life, you must first take action!

Thank you, Ron Legrand. Your teachings are going to change my life and the lives of my loved ones forever and it’s all because of you! I must also say thank you to the Wolff Couple, along with Andrew and Aaron Schlag. Brian and Lynette Wolff are such a wonderful pair alongside Ron who have both also helped changed my life forever! Thank you so much, Brian and Lynette!  And Andrew and Aaron are my personal mentors who have helped make all this possible for me! I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me more than words can say. Off to find my next deal!

-Jason McCurdy
Evansville, Indiana
September 2019

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One Response to Millionaire in the Making – Jason McCurdy

  1. Joe Chou says:

    Amazing results. Congratulations on your success.

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