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Whatever Happened To Common Sense?

What ever happened to good ole common sense? For some reason it appears to be quite uncommon. Sometimes I stand in awe of how many people go through life requiring a babysitter to make decisions for them because the ability to reason and make simple decisions was somehow left out of their chemical makeup.

Let’s talk about a little common sense as it applies to real estate entrepreneurs. I assume the objective is to make money using real estate as a vehicle because we can control millions of dollars of it without using our money or credit.

To do so means we must put this vehicle in drive and give it some gas. As I’m sure you know by now, that involves five steps of success:
1. Locate Prospects
2. Prescreen Prospects
3. Construct and Present Offers
4. Follow Up
5. Close Quickly

Now, I struggled in high school and never spent a day in college, so I’m not all that bright. No degrees on my wall. No initials after my name. No fraternity brothers to swap lies with. Just plain old coconut palm tree shaking, ex mechanic trying to get by in the world.

Fortunately, one thing I did inherit was plain old common sense. The ability to quickly make decisions based on the obvious choice.

Let’s apply that to business, any business. Regardless of what business you’re in, whether it’s a product or service, the most important thing you must do to survive is… LOCATE PROSPECTS. Without them you have no business.

You can be a world-class chef with a five star restaurant and if people don’t come buy your food, it’s all for naught. Your restaurant will close down and you’re looking for a job. It’s over baby.

If you own an auto repair shop and you’re a world-class mechanic but don’t stay focused on getting customers, you’re done.

Same is true for us. Our product is houses. Our customers are sellers. Without them, we’re back to our day job.
Sounds like common sense… huh?
Well, it ain’t!

We have the best real estate training in the industry. It smokes anything offered by anyone out there.

We’re turning out millionaires like jellybeans on an assembly line. Our walls are full of success stories and our hearts are uplifted by the magnificent rags to riches stories. Just for the record, I read every one of them.

The reason, I think, is not so much our patented real estate secrets as it is the ability to help folks get their head on straight so they can apply them.

If locating prospects is common sense, why do I have to threaten bodily harm to make people stay on track until this critical step is set up and running like clockwork and on autopilot so it doesn’t shut down your buying machine?

When you leave our training or even before, your laser beam focus should be on attracting sellers.

Here’s what won’t make you a nickel…
• Changing all my forms cause you can lay them out better. They’re fine. Leave them alone.
• Visiting Office Depot to stock up your home office. You won’t need supplies without prospects.
• Listening to the CDs three more times so you don’t miss anything or make a mistake. Listen to them ten times, you’ll still miss stuff and make plenty of mistakes. So what?
• Have a committee meeting with your friends and relatives to get permission to succeed. Why? They’re broke; you don’t need their permission.
• Setting up a website and changing it until it’s perfect is a worthless waste of time. Driving traffic to it is a step in the right direction.
• Forming a corporation or LLC. Forget it. Go get a check, then another, then another, and then we can talk about entities. You can still make money in your name. It’s legal.

Forget all this crap. Stay focused on getting sellers to call you with houses for sale.

Nothing Else Matters

Perfect websites, numerous entities, the blessing of your peers, wearing out my CDs, a room full of supplies and forms you like….

Won’t Make You A Red Cent, Finding Sellers Will.

If You’re Not Getting All The Leads You Want, Focus On Fixing This Problem First…

Mail yellow letters, let PAT Live capture the calls, you call the prescreened few and go get the deeds. It’ll take less than a week to set up this system and flood the buying machine. It’s common sense to me. Or simply, call FSBO’s and follow-up. It costs nothing and should quickly lead to a deal.

It all starts with finding people who need to sell and helping them do just that.

Ron LeGrand
Millionaire Maker

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90 Responses to Whatever Happened To Common Sense?

  1. Liliam Suasnavar Wiggins says:

    It all makes sense. Also saw Ron on Fast Track via video. Been to it a few times. Its good to see the master live or on video.

  2. Quentin & Kristina Freeman says:

    If only I knew about Ron when we first started doing real estate. Sad to say, we’ve made most of the mistakes he mentioned because we had no training at all back then. Now our direction is more focused and our financial future is looking a lot brighter.

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