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Thanks for the Bad Economy

Yesterday I took my wife in for a medical checkup and decided to sit in the parking lot and read. After a while I looked up and took notice of the cars parked around me and was amazed at what I saw.

Not one of the 15 or 20 cars I saw costs less than $35,000 and there were numerous luxury cars including two S500 Mercedes (in addition to mine) and two Hummers.

Passing by the mall on my way home I noticed a full lot of cars in the middle of the day on a Monday. Then I stopped for gas and for the first time I actually looked at the price of gas and was shocked to learn it was only $3.20 a gallon.

If gas costs so much and if our economy is so bad how come the whole country’s driving SUV gas guzzlers, the malls are full and every household has three cars in the driveway?

I have some bad news for you if the economy is bad around your house!

The Problem Is Not The Economy, It’s You

If there’s not enough revenue coming into your household you can blame it on the economy or any other convenient scapegoat you wish but you know, I know, and everyone in your household knows the real problem. Perhaps it’s time you quit belching baloney and start bringing home the bacon. To put it more bluntly-get off your dead ass and do something.

Every once in awhile one of my students actually tries to convince me real estate won’t work where they live. They have a list of reasons backed up by oral support from all the broke morons they hang around for pity parties. They’ve convinced themselves, with the help of other losers, that the problem lies everywhere else but with them.

Sorry Charlie! No Sale. Not to this case hardened war veteran who has the luxury of spending time with good folks from all over North America in almost every major city and you should see the stack of heart warming success letters we get daily from many of them.

The rags to riches stories are incredible to some but have become expected and quite normal to me. OK, don’t get me wrong. I love every one of them and never get tired of getting them but I’ve seen so many people start from the gutter and reach the penthouse in a few months. I’ve grown to expect that from everyone I guess. It’s one of my character flaws.

The other day I had an email from a lady in the Dallas area complaining about how she was having trouble finding deals because the small town she lived in had only 10,000 people and Dallas was forty miles away.

I swear to you, I read the email and then I open the mail and found a letter from another student who lives in east Texas, who jumped the same hurdle in the same area and is so excited about life (and the economy) he can hardly sleep. Even I was shocked about the timing of receiving these directly opposite stories.

Here’s something you might want to ask yourself the next time you’re looking for a convenient excuse to crap out on your obligations to yourself and your family to be the best you can be:
Excuse Buster

Has anyone else stuck with similar disadvantages, or worse handicaps, overcame them and achieved goals similar to my own?
The answer is and will always be YES! There’s not a problem in real estate or business that hasn’t been solved numerous times and areas, long before you came along and will continue to be overcome long after you conquer it or give up.
If they can do it, what’s stopping you? Why are your problems so special? What’s stopping you from making a million dollars a year or more? This much I know!

It Ain’t The Economy

Business is good, very, very good, all over North America. The profits in houses are huge. Deals are abundant (as soon as you can find the right way to find them). People are getting rich, quickly. The good life is now.
Your answers are within you, not the talking heads running for office. Regardless of who wins the next election it won’t change your life much. Only you can do that. Democrat, Republican, more taxes, less taxes, sellers market, buyers market, high rates, low rates, high gas prices, low gas prices, at war or peace, stocks up, stocks down, feeling good or feeling bad, doing well or doing poorly!

You Can Live Your Life Anyway You Want But You Can Only Live It Once.

If you’re doing well you can do a lot better. If you’re not growing you’re dying. Get back to live events where you hang around people who are doing better. It’ll rub off. Ditch mediocrity and grab for the stars. Move up and grow up. Get over your cockiness and do away with the self-righteous attitude and help someone else achieve their dreams. You’re not all that smart and important and frankly there aren’t but a handful of people on earth who care whether you live or die. How much longer do you have to make your mark? Will there be a crowd at your funeral? Time’s short my friend, and you can’t buy an extension.
If you’re not doing well take a long look at the real reason and lay out your best options to fix it. Whatever’s broke has a cure. What is it? What have others done to fix it?

Stop whining about all your petty problems and make a commitment to get your life moving, whatever it takes. If you think your problems are big take a trip to a hospice and talk to some of the residents. Ask them what they would do different if they had another chance. When you leave I can assure you all your money problems will seem insignificant and you’ll feel lucky to have them.
The things that bother most people don’t mean spit. They are totally irrelevant to the big picture and usually aren’t worthy of the time and attention they get. You know, things like worrying about the economy, gas prices or who’s gonna get elected. If you must worry, worry about cancer, heart disease or not having any friends. If you worry hard enough pretty soon your fears will all come true. You are what you think and you’ll be who you hang around with. I’d worry more about growing old and eating dog food than most of the stupid stuff that bothers most people.
To Your Quantum Leap,

Ron LeGrand
Millionaire Maker

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4 Responses to Thanks for the Bad Economy

  1. Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

    Great blog! I’ve come across so many people who find the time complain whereas find time for a solution. It’s ridiculous how those people love to spread their misery and personally, I have no time for being around a crowd like that. Instead, I rather focus on my vision of reaching my goal.

  2. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    Great blog thank you RON sametimes we forgot
    time is short and is not ours we don’t own it

  3. Greg Morris says:

    Great outlook as I need to get my a@@ moving towards self empowerment and financial prosperity. May GOD bless you for your insight and wisdom.

  4. Jean Phillips says:

    Well said Ron. I”ve heard the saying “What got you here, won’t get you there”. So I guess it’s time to do something different.

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