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Home » Resources » Blog » What’s it Like Working for Ron?

What’s it Like Working for Ron?

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. LeGrand has left the building!”

No, really. He’s gone for the week and that leaves me with the daunting task of putting together the weekly report all by myself! My first thought? I can write about whatever I want! SHOES! But I KNOW the Godfather of Real Estate would be very upset if he came back to a weekly report about shoes.

After staring at the wall for a few minutes, I decided to answer the number one question I get from people when I tell them I work for Ron.

What’s it like working for Ron?

Working for Ron is very exciting. Everyone in the office is incredibly talented at what they do and it’s great to see what someone will come up with next, including Ron.

Being a part of one of Ron’s brainstorming sessions puts your brain into over-drive. You immediately want to get started on the next new marketing plan the team’s come up with, whether it be mailing out 2,000 inflated beach balls or a simple postcard mailer.
It’s astonishing what Ron can accomplish in one day, sometimes I feel like it’s more than I can get done in one week! He’s not lying when he says he comes in around noon, if he does come in. He’s out working deals and jet-setting around the country to keep in the loop with his students, he doesn’t need to be tied down to his office to get his work done. Ron takes his iPad everywhere and never stops. He is LITERALLY making money in his sleep. As a matter of fact, in order to prepare for his”Control Without Ownership” (ACTS) event taking place next week (September 30 – October 1), Ron has sent the marketing team and COO Jennifer Shedlin nearly 50 faxes while on vacation!

In every office, there is office chatter, but not with Ron. When Ron steps in the room, it’s all business. We had his birthday party in the office a few weeks ago. Lauren and I spent a couple hours tracking down the perfect gift and cake and setting it all up. We called Ron in the conference room, sang him happy birthday, cut him a slice of cake then he was back to work. He wasn’t being rude, we were just all aware that he had a flight to catch in a few hours and he still had work to get done. He was grateful for his gift but he didn’t want to waste time with mindless chatter. And we all understood. It’s Ron LeGrand for goodness sake!

I know, you’re wondering what did we get for the man who has everything? Tickets to a dinner theater here in Jacksonville! He loves the movies and it would make for a perfect date night with Bev. They have great plays and Barry Williams from the Brady Bunch just finished up The Odd Couple there.

One surprising fact about Ron is that he doesn’t type. He doesn’t have a computer in his office, just his iPad. But every note, every information manual, everything he gives us to complete is on 8.5×11 notebook paper, handwritten out. I’ve become very fluent in reading “Ron,” which is what we call Ron’s handwriting around here. It’s not the neatest handwriting, but it gets the job done!

There is laughter and determination around every corner. We work hard to bring you the finest ideas and latest technology on finding and completing the best deals. Everyone takes their jobs incredibly seriously but we do take the time out of our day to enjoy each other. We realize that we are surrounded by an elite group of people and we can learn a lot from not only Ron but other Global employees.

So who am I? My name is Jamie and I guess you could say I’m the editor of the Weekly Report and The Mentor. I’m the person that handles everything Gold Club. Feel free to tell me what you love or hate about what happens within the Gold Club, I love feedback!

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