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Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?

       I’m constantly amazed at how the majority of the human race in a great country like America would rather spend their entire life being mediocre, swapping hours for dollars, taking little risk, playing not to lose…then going for the gusto and getting everything possible out of the short time we have on this earth.
       As you get older you take a lot less for granted and begin to appreciate the simpler things in life. What used to be important to you now means little. You gain a larger sense of urgency to get more done quicker than you have in the past, knowing you won’t live forever and if you do, you’ll be too old to enjoy life.
       I don’t know about you, but I’m going out swinging and no one will ever accuse me of being lazy, or non productive. I wish I could say the same for everyone I know. There’s one thing I know for sure…

We Ain’t Getting Out Of
This Life Alive!

 (Note to my older brother Dave! I’m not referring to the after life here, so no sermon please).

         Come to think of it, I have a blast doing almost everything I do. Life’s a blast. It’s fun to be me.
Is It Fun To Be You?

 If the answer is no, what are you gonna do about it? Will your life continue to be mediocre and boring, or will you gain some guts and go for the gusto? Is winning big more important to you than surviving?

Do You Have The Courage
To Become Filthy, Stinking Rich?

       Look, I was a mechanic who barely cleared high school. No money, no credit, no training, no rich relatives, and no simple plan to follow to success. It was a tough struggle where I invented the steps incurring much pain and I enjoyed almost every day of the struggle. I only have one regret…

Why Did It Have To Take
So Damn Long?

       You’re so lucky! What took me 25 years to figure out has been put in an aerosol can so you can simply spray on success almost over night. With the easy to follow and simple plan I’ve created over the years, you get to bypass those years, and make it happen in one.
       That assumes of course, you possess a few key ingredients:

1. You want to! If you don’t, I can’t help you.
2. You’ll follow the simple steps and do what you’re told. Since that ain’t likely, I’ll settle for most of what you’re told.
3. You’ll keep doing it until you fix what you broke, and put it on auto pilot.
4. You currently possess, or some how acquire enough guts (courage) to get the job done no matter what SOB tries to stop you and they will. Some even have your last name.

     When I started, I didn’t have much to work with, but I did have one thing I wouldn’t swap for money…GUTS.
      Over the years, I think I’ve discovered what causes the gutlessness disease. I believe it’s low self esteem caused by very little success in one’s life, or success followed by failure. This low self esteem can only be cured by one thing…A series of small successes leading to larger success.
      The only evidence of progress will be in the form of checks followed by more checks until gutlessness is a thing of the past. You can listen to Tony Robbins tapes until your ears bleed, but without proof it will all pass quickly. Show Me The Money!

Here’s an absolute certainty…
It’s Easier To Develop
Courage When You Ain’t Broke

     Cash flow is king! When you can pay your bills, blow money on frivolous things, and still have plenty left over, you get to play to win, not spend your life playing not to lose.
     You don’t need a million bucks to live and feel like a millionaire. You need strong cash flow and I’d suggest you get it quickly…cause you can.
     However, that doesn’t mean you should spend every dime you get your hands on. If you want to buy all the junk you dream about…go ahead, as long as paying for it doesn’t mean a zero bank balance at the end of the month.
Get your cash flow up and there isn’t much you want you can’t afford. You can buy a $2,000,000 home, a $100,000 car for husband and wife, a boat, and live high on the hog for an outgo of less than $20,000 a month. If your income is $50,000 a month and a third of that goes to taxes, you still have $15,000 a month left over.
     Now get your income to $75,000 a month and you’ll feel like the king of the hill, and any past low self esteem problems are fixed for life.
                                              So…you think that sounds far fetched for you, eh.
     Well, it won’t be if you have a little courage and decide you’re worthy. Why is it OK for other people to get rich and not you? Are they any better or smarter than you? Do they deserve it more?
                                                        Or, could it be they just have more
     $75,000 a month is only $900,000 a year. I know Realtors, mortgage brokers, contractors, and carpet cleaners that make more than that. Show me a profession and I’ll show you someone making a million or more per year with a lot less to work with than real estate that produces checks from $50,000 to $500,000 per deal and more. And, that’s residential. Don’t even get me started on commercial.

     If you break down the $900,000 target and adapt it to your personal plan, market and guts level, it should be easy to see it’s only a handful of deals per year and that doesn’t include any other income you have such as your job, your spouse’s job and other business.
     It’s Just Simple Math!

     If you’re reading this and you haven’t done your first deal yet, you may be trying to justify why it doesn’t apply to you.
     Sorry, that dog won’t hunt. It does apply to you if you want to get rich. Every successful real estate millionaire began with their first deal. You ain’t no different buckwheat.
     If you haven’t done number one yet, there’s only a handful of reasons why:
1. You’re brand new!OK, this excuse is only good for about a month.
2. You haven’t been trained!Why not? You know we can fix that as soon as you say so. What’s stopping you? Is it money? Bull…I didn’t have any and neither did thousands of my most successful students. Is it time? Baloney! What are you doing that’s more important? Making a living. Good, we need job slaves. They keep Wal-Mart in business. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
3. You’re Trying, But Nothing Seems To Be Happening! So what are you doing to screw up your business and if you don’t think the problem is you…grow up and accept the fact that everything that happens to you is your fault. There are only 5 steps to your success, at which are you failing!
Locating Prospects- Yellow Letter
Prescreening Prospects- A little training
Construct and Present Offer- The right prospects will make you an offer.
Follow Up- Get it in writing and check title.
Sell Quickly– A little training.

     Most people who fail are dealing with suspects, not prospects and don’t really know how to tell the difference. This is easy to fix, but I can’t do it in a newsletter.
     Another big mistake is not getting enough leads. That’s impossible if you work the yellow letter correctly, (few do). Getting leads is easy. Getting good leads is tougher because you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs and good leads or a minority. Most sellers are a waste of your time.
     Gosh, there’s a business revelation. You can’t deal with everyone. All businesses require prescreening and no business can deal with every suspect it obtains.
     Then why on earth is it such a big shock for beginners to understand that not all people with a house for sale are worthy of your time?
     Then of course, there’s another problem that lives lurking behind the scenes of some (far too many) of my well intentioned, most deserving students…

     Locating the prospects, pre screening them and building a stack of leads two feet deep won’t replace a lack of guts.

Do You Have The Courage To Be Rich?

     If so, it’s time to get off your ass and get a little uncomfortable for a little while so you can live comfortably the rest of your life.
     A handful of your leads are good deals and you know it. Are you looking for them, or excuses not to make contact? Somehow you’ve got to muster up the guts to call these sellers and when you do, you’ll discover…
• They need you more than you need them.
• They’re easy to talk to and eagerly await your call.
• They’ll do almost anything you ask most of the time.
• They’re more afraid of you, than you are of them.
• They expect you to make a profit when you buy their house…and they don’t care.

         To get courage to excel you need cash flow.
         To get cash flow you need deal flow.
         To get deal flow you need to follow the 5 steps, fix what you break, quit whining about the small stuff and get in the game.

     To get in the game and win it, you need all the training you can get and quickly convert it to movement. A little bit of movement is better than a boatload of meditation.
     Last year and this were extremely profitable years for our students who chose to play the game. The payoffs were huge as evidenced by their letters, some are on  the Wall of Fame at Global Publishing.
     I see a very bright next year for those with a little courage who want to be rich. It’s a great time to be in the business. Don’t waste it on mediocrity. Dare To Be Great!

May all your children have rich parents (very rich).


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