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Home » Resources » Blog » Josh & Stephanie Caldwell’s Success Story

Josh & Stephanie Caldwell’s Success Story

March 12, 2012

It has been exactly one year to the day that my wife, Stephanie, and I first heard Ron LeGrand speak on a stage.  To be honest, we had no idea who he was or if he had anything that would be of value to us.  We were novice investors with a couple of duplexes, looking for something more.

After hearing Ron speak from the stage, Stephanie and I looked at each other and decided to take a chance on this guy.  We had already spent our budgeted amount on another speaker, but we decided to give Ron a try.  What a great move that was!!!

Since that time, I have attended Ron’s Quick Start, ACTS and Commercial Boot Camps.  I have learned more about real estate than I thought was possible.  I then went through Ron’s mentor program, and I put what I learned into action.  I have bought and sold houses with none of my own money.  I have several commercial projects in the works at this moment, any one of which could replace my previous income.  Last month, I made a mere $6,000 on a property that I did not own.  Did I mention that I had zero dollars invested in this house?  Ron is even helping me to start a business outside of real estate.  I will soon be teaching people all over the world to defend themselves by teaching them how to shoot guns.

To make it official, I will retire from my six figure a year job on April 3, 2012, a tad over a year since the day I first met Ron.  It has been a whirlwind, in a good way, and the future looks really bright.


Josh Caldwell

Pittsburgh, PA

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6 Responses to Josh & Stephanie Caldwell’s Success Story

  1. Todd Smith says:

    Thanks for setting an awesome example. I am on the same plan and will be retiring from the Navy in the summer of ’13. I first heard Ron last month in Orlando!

  2. Debbie Magar says:

    thanks I need to get my butt moving

  3. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    Josh thank you for shering your story

  4. John Rogers says:

    A great example of someone actually applying and acting on real estate training. You have done well for yourself, congrats.

  5. Neal Zurkowski says:

    Josh thank you for the story I need the motivation.

  6. Mark Hershberger says:

    This is an inspiring story and helps to push me forward. Thanks!

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