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Private Lending System

Joint Venture Agreement for Assignment of Mortgage

A sample agreement used to joint venture with an owner of a mortgage. Revised 04/28/2014 Joint Venture Agreement for Assignment of Mortgage

Trust Agreement

This agreement is for owning paper such as notes, mortgages, land contracts, deeds of trust, or other deb instruments. Note the language in the second paragraph. Your IRA will be the beneficiary. Revised 11/17/2014 Trust Agreement

Escrow Agreement

A form to authorize a lender to send you the balance of a seller’s escrow account when the load is paid off. Revised 05/02/2014 Escrow Agreement

Loan Closing Instructions

A document which instructs closing agents to close a private loan. Revised 05/02/2014 Loan Closing Instructions

Agreement for Assignment of Judgment

A sample agreement to gain the right to assign a judgment. Revised 04/28/2014 Agreement for assignment of judgment

Security Agreement

Establishes a lien on a mortgage or debt instrument. Revised 04/28/2014 Security Agreement

Paper Trust Agreement

Anytime you’re selling a property or making a loan to a borrower, you should take ownership of that debt instrument in a paper trust. This applies to land contracts, unencumbered mortgages, promissory notes or single debt payments. This gives you … Read more »

PAM Chart

The Property Analysis Matrix is a chart that quickly allows you to find the correct exit strategy for any deal within 8 seconds. This chart could easily save you thousands of dollars by keeping you from losing a deal. Revised … Read more »

Lead Property Information Sheet

Lead Property Information Sheet – Revised 10/13/2020 Script Guide Need help filling it out? Ron has a lesson on completing the lead property information sheet. Watch The Lead Sheet Lesson

Instructions – Read Me First

Revised 04/28/2014 Instructions – Read Me First

Applicant Information Sheet

A form to assess income and credit score about an applicant. Revised 06/02/2015 Applicant Information Sheet With Screen the Tenant

Affidavit and Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Real Estate

This affidavit should be recorded only when you may have a problem with a seller not closing on their contact. Revised 04/28/2014 Affidavit and Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Real Estate (Word document)

Applicant Information Sheet – Canada

Revised 04/28/2014 Applicant Information Sheet – Canada