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Lead Property Information Sheet

Lead Property Information Sheet – Revised 10/13/2020

Script Guide

Need help filling it out? Ron has a lesson on completing the lead property information sheet.

Watch The Lead Sheet Lesson

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165 Responses to Lead Property Information Sheet

  1. Bill De Martin says:

    I love this form! So nice to have it all on one page.

  2. Ira Harris says:

    Awesome & Powerful form.. Thanks Ron 🙂

    • Andy Gulick says:

      Is this the Ira Harris that is from Evansville and went to First Southern? This is Andy Gulick, if so. Hi!

  3. MICHAEL ADAMS says:

    This is great,Thanks again Ron.

  4. John Fong says:

    Good way to get organized

  5. CRES Mandujano says:

    Good start form

  6. John Murrow says:

    Great Form.

  7. Rolando Postigo says:

    I just downloaded the form. I got my first lead today from my VA! I am calling the seller tomorrow!

  8. Quentin Freeman says:

    If I only I knew about Ron Legrand when I first started out in Real Estate.

    I hunted for these simple documents when it was here all along.

  9. Mercedes Quintanilla says:

    simple but powerful form 🙂

  10. Quentin/Kristina Freeman says:

    I love the newly updated form.

    Makes handling FSBO calls so much easier.

  11. Mike Organek says:

    Nice LO form.

  12. Mike Organek says:

    Saves a lot of work with an attorney.

  13. Mike Organek says:

    Looks like all the bases are civered.

  14. Rance Barclay says:

    Do you just start at the top of the Lead/Property Info sheet and work your way down ? or is there a certain order or section you start at ?

  15. Bruce Moore says:

    Great New Form Ron. Keep up the good work.

  16. Sandra Kenney says:

    Thanks! for the new form.

  17. KJ Roberts says:

    Does anyone know where the tri fold brochure is?

    • Jeff Clayton says:


      It’s at the top of this thread, Control Without Ownership–“ACTS Control Without Ownership Brochure”

      A cool idea is to put the brochure on a website as Ron recommends.

  18. Todd Smith says:

    working the forms for the Control Without Ownership class this weekend!

  19. DENISE RUSH says:

    Thanks ron – thank goodness for gold club

  20. Mary Warren says:

    “Thank you this is great!”

  21. Marishka Pilch says:

    Phone appointment with a seller today for ACTS. Seemed very interested!

  22. Mercedes Quintanilla says:

    Love it!!!

  23. Eboton Jackson says:

    This form is awesome. Much better than the one I had previously.

  24. Margarita Hickerson says:

    Enough of these filled out WILL generate RESULTS 🙂

  25. Heather Olson Michael Bolan says:

    LOVE all of Ron’s Forms! Genius!

  26. Jeff Clayton says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a script for the VA’s, (or us if we’re doing it at first), for the initial call to the FSBO. There’s not one in the ACTS course either. Please advise, anyone. Am I wrong?

    • Todd Rolland says:

      We’ve been using the script in the FSBO investigator information manualand based on their responses to their existing mortgage info, follow the script on the Lead info sheet OR the “script to capture mortgage info on Prop info sheet” if they won’t give us the info

  27. James Noullet says:

    thanks for a great form

  28. Mr. Ross says:

    It does the job just fine thanks Ron

  29. Heather Olson and Michael Bolan says:

    Love that no matter where I am I can access the lead Property Info Sheet and get started on another prospect!

  30. Carla DeWitt says:

    It’s so great to have these on this website where I can access them wherever I am. If I’m out-of-town and get a seller call, I don’t have to worry about carrying these with me in a briefcase. Thanks, Ron.

  31. Jeff Clayton says:

    Got some good guidance from John Slavik on what he says to the Seller on FSBO calls.

    My main question was whether to tell ’em on the front end that I’m an investor looking to buy several houses this month and I’m not interested in living in the house myself, etc.

    I do that now on my calls and it works well. That way won’t waste my time, if they’re anti-investor.

  32. Brad Whitaker says:

    Very useful forms….

  33. Jim Wood says:

    The more my assistant uses this Property Information Sheet the more I love it. It’s a wonderful tool for my assistant because it’s so easy to get the information from sellers and I’m not filling this out. I’ve got more time for more profitable tasks. Thanks Ron.

  34. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    this is great the new Forms!is a aGenius

  35. KJ Roberts says:

    I really like this spread sheet

  36. KJ Roberts says:

    My VA is find this useful

  37. Brit Vega says:

    Love this form! It keeps me focused and helps boost my confidence while calling owners.

  38. Erik Kildiss says:

    Love it! Can’t miss /forget the important questions to ask. Give me a YES! Thanks!

  39. Sharon Collins says:

    Great Thank You

  40. Mike Minnihan says:

    This is the form for your VA or you to use when calling FSBOs.

    It works great if you can get your VA to ask for the mortgage information.

    There’s a great script for your VA to use to get that information in the QSRES manual and also the ACTS program.

    • Brian Placette says:

      Asking the seller really increases the success rate.
      Much better than the shotgun approach of other systems. The scripts are great.

      Thanks Ron!

  41. Michael Minnihan says:

    Be sure to get ALL the starred information filled in.

    If you don’t, you’ve got nothing.

    You need ALL the information to know if you’ve got a potential deal or just a suspect.

  42. Michael Minnihan says:

    In some of Ron’s older trainings he says to ask FSBOs whether the repairs are major or minor.

    For some reason that important question is missing from the newest Lead Property Information Sheet

  43. Charles Chavez says:

    Great tool for training VA.

  44. Roger Young says:

    Fantastic info! Thanks
    Works like a charm. ehh


    Thank you.

  46. Roger Young says:

    Awesome Form!

  47. Michael Minnihan says:

    Check out Ron’s new GC video about you and/or your VA properly filling out the Lead/Property Information Sheet.

    Ron verbally adds some questions that you and/or your VA should be asking FSBOs.

  48. Michael Minnihan says:

    Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Lead Property Information Sheet.

    I think Ron is currently using version 12 of the form.

  49. Mitch Hell says:

    I bring this lead sheet to a copier and make 50 copies at a time.

  50. Mitch Hell says:

    never can have enough of these

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