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Trust Agreement

This agreement is for owning paper such as notes, mortgages, land contracts, deeds of trust, or other deb instruments. Note the language in the second paragraph. Your IRA will be the beneficiary.

Revised 11/17/2014

Trust Agreement

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22 Responses to Trust Agreement

  1. Paul Brennan says:

    is this a deed trust / Land Trust?

  2. Albert Brown says:

    Where can i download land trust docs. from?

  3. Veronica Villa says:


    Is the Trust Agreement to be singed along with the Lease Option Agreement with a seller? or only the Trust Agreement is needed?


  4. Beresford Kirton says:

    Thank you for this Trust Agreement and the information pertaining to its use. This has been most useful.

  5. Tony Pearl says:

    @Veronica Villa:

    You won’t need to use a Trust Agreement with a seller IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING TITLE TO A PROPERTY (buying it).

    Think about it like this:
    If you’re lease optioning a property, it’s like you’re renting it… but you also have an OPTION to buy it at a certain price – for a certain window of time, that you define in your agreement.

    –Tony Pearl,
    Certified Trust Expert

  6. Tony Pearl says:

    To anyone reading this thread:

    I’d like to help clear up any confusion about this document.

    The “Trust Agreement,” is a document that is to be used for holding PAPER, such as mortgages, notes, etc.

    Rather than having your name or your entity’s name on public record as the one who holds a note (thus making you easy to find & possibly sue or get ownership of if you/your entity ever loses a lawsuit), you’d want to place the ownership of this note into a trust, and this is the document you’d use for that purpose.
    The best example that we’d use this for is in the Pretty House business when we sell a property with owner financing.
    You’d put the ownership of the note into trust, name your Trustee, define their role, etc., and then have that show up on public record as the owner of the note.
    To summarize: This is the doc you use if/when you don’t want your/your entity’s name to appear on public record as being the owner of a receivable note (mortgage)

    You should be able to fill this out on your own, but if you have any doubt about it, just instruct your closing attorney to help you complete it… especially if you’re using a Self-Directed IRA as your beneficiary.
    And I highly suggest you ask them questions so that you can do it on your own after that. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it.

    Hope that makes sense & I hope that helps you out!

    -Tony Pearl,
    Certified Trust Expert

  7. Michelle Fitzwater says:

    Great Advice! Thank you for posting all of these. I’m just getting starting and the resources provided are truly outstanding!

  8. Mark Young says:

    Thanks Tony

  9. Chafic El Amatoury says:

    Why is there Notary stamps all over this agreement if it doesn’t get recorded or seen by anyone ever??

  10. Jan Packard says:

    This Trust Agreement will not open
    Where can I find a copy of this Agreement?
    Jan Packard

  11. Viktoria Ilieva says:

    Wow I paid $1000 t0 a lower to just read it.

  12. Beverly Peffer says:

    I can’t open this

  13. Michael Conley says:

    this dosent work

  14. Michael Conley says:

    trust agreement link does not open, please fix

    • Matt Hess says:

      Good morning Michael, this issue has been resolved. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble accessing this link!

  15. Mark Esposito says:

    The trust agreement doesn’t download.

  16. Christina Thomas says:

    This is not accessible to me.

    • Matt Hess says:

      Good morning,

      The link to the Trust Agreement should be working, please let me know if you continue to have issues accessing it.

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