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Home » Resources » 2014 Summit Success Contest Videos

2014 Summit Success Contest Videos

´╗┐What an amazing bunch of videos we received this year! It was tough to pick the top-ten because they were all so good. I think that’s why Ron went ahead and gave entrees a cash prize at the Summit even if they weren’t picked for the top three.

We put all the top-ten on one page so you can decide who you think had the best video for yourself!

The Casto Family

Wendell Long and Company

The Glasses Family

Jason Simpson

Ralph French

Cyndy Dumire

Jeanne Chizek and Michele Hoffecker

Simone Griffin and Marc Vilt

Todd Foster

David Head

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6 Responses to 2014 Summit Success Contest Videos

  1. Tom Holyfield says:

    Congrats to all!!! Great stuff.

  2. Chyanne Ford says:


  3. Duffy Ford says:

    Awesome videos!!!

  4. Anders Karlsson says:

    Go Cindy….

  5. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:


  6. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

    I love those small wholesales deal, I could use a $5,000 today just to pay off my bills. I am claiming debt free soon because if they can do it, I can do it!

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