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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “4 Ways To Find Investment Properties In Today’s Market” by Bill Brinkley

“4 Ways To Find Investment Properties In Today’s Market” by Bill Brinkley

Is the real estate market healthy? Some say yes, some say no. We are in a Post-Recession Hangover – and the reality is that only the most tapped-in investors are still making money.
The recession created all kinds of problems for real estate investors – a shortage in capital and a shortage of investment quality properties – despite all of the distressed inventory.


If you’ve been investing for a while, you’ve ridden the market roller coaster…the highs, the lows; lots of investment quality properties, to hardly any investment properties. Really, everything has changed.

1. Short Sales are DOA. Banks just aren’t motivated
2. REOs are a contractual knife fight. Only the banks and brokers win.
3. Pre-Foreclosures – Not any more. Everyone thinks they’re getting a loan mod.
4. Courthouse – Crazy opening bids, too much competition and way too much risk.

The fallout from all this? Once hugely successful investors dropped like flies because they just didn’t adapt to these and other monumental market changes.


The GOOD NEWS is that the investors’ fate is not sealed…and those investors who take action to change with the market can succeed. Listen, the recession may have slowed but it did not stop the money-making opportunities in real estate investing…but the fact is Technology, the Institutional Players and Investment Lending have reshaped the old model of buying and selling real estate. An Eye-Opening look at the real post-recession impact TODAY.


Technology. New real estate technology is the catalyst for big investment. BIG. And watching the big money can help you tap into opportunity. Here’s the reality – technology is accelerating the transfer of real estate assets like never seen before – and it’s changing real estate with every new launch.

Reality #1: Real estate investors who don’t embrace this change will find themselves at a massive disadvantage.

The Institutional Players. It’s important that you understand the major implications of the next reality of today’s real estate market. The genetic code that defined the real estate market for nearly a century has been altered. You’d have to be living under a rock not to see the money pouring into real estate from the big funds in Wall Street. Wall Street is determined to turn transferring real estate assets like selling stocks, and they’re doing a darned good job.

Reality #2: Real estate investors who overlook this new reality will continue to be left wondering where to find quality real estate deals.

Crowd funding is probably the most exciting new reality. Crowd funding has exploded into a $300 billion-dollar industry. Due to the Jobs Act passing, funding can now be legally solicited online. Over $1.25 billion was raised in the first 10 months of the new law passing.

Reality #3: Those who are connected and can see what’s clearly happening will look back at what’s happening right now as a major turning point in your financial and REI life.

All three of these realities create huge opportunities in a post-recession era. But the challenge for the typical investor is getting access to the technology to keep pace with the market, tapping into the properties once only available to the institutions and having ready access to the new pools of funding. It can be complicated at best and a show stopper at worst. The other good news is that you can now access Money, Properties, and a Huge Network of active and successful investors to collaborate and do business with.

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    Everything always changes.

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