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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “America’s #1 Unknown Silent Killer” by MaryEllen Tribby

“America’s #1 Unknown Silent Killer” by MaryEllen Tribby


We say it so often that most people don’t even notice anymore. Those four little words are not even being heard any longer.

As a matter of fact you are probably embarrassed to keep saying them. You are probably telling yourself everyone is going through it – it’s not so bad.

Well guess what? It is bad. Really bad! Make sure you keep reading, and I’ll share those four little words with you.

Right now you or someone you know is becoming a statistic. Becoming a walking time bomb. That’s right – this “unknown silent killer” affects 75% of Americans. Seventy-five percent!

And guess what? It does not discriminate.  Not against age, gender, ethnicity or religion.  So why do you think it won’t affect you or a loved one?

This silent assassin can rob us of our happiness not to mention create a bevy of physical and mental ailments including:

  • A feeling of severe overwhelm where all you experience is complete and total helplessness.
  • Headaches that you may have experienced only occasionally before, but are now becoming more regular, perhaps at times even excruciating!
  • Stiffness in your joints that sometimes becomes more relentless.
  • Mild to unbearable backaches.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Nagging skin rashes.
  • Moodiness and anger that you take out on your family and friends.

If you recognize just one of these symptoms, you need to keep reading because the powerful information I am going to share with you could help you feel better, save your marriage, have fun with your kids, be more creative and productive, and start living a peaceful life!

The Four Worst Words in the English Language

So what are those four little words I mentioned earlier?

The four little words that 75% of Americans feel but have now come to suppress. The four little words that if you do not start shouting from the rooftops could steal your life away!

“I’m so stressed out!”

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One Response to “America’s #1 Unknown Silent Killer” by MaryEllen Tribby

  1. Marlene Cooper says:

    If we do what Ron says and delegate, we feel a lot less stress in our lives.

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