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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “10 Creative Ways To Get Your Deals Done” by Lance Edwards

“10 Creative Ways To Get Your Deals Done” by Lance Edwards

Trying to get your multifamily deals done but scratching your head as to how to do it? Believe me, you are not alone. I know what it’s like to struggle over how to get these deals done firsthand watching everyone from novice real estate entrepreneurs up to even my apprentice-level students.

Fortunately, we’ve got a list of ten creative techniques you can use individually or in a combination, whether you are a rehabber, wholesaler or buy-and-hold entrepreneur.

Here’s a closer look at the strategies you can use to get those deals off your to-do list:

1.) First Mortgage: You go to a lender to get a first mortgage.

2.) First Mortgage Paper Cash Out: You can get a seller to carry back a first mortgage, and if he wants cash instead of payments then you can sell the note. You can do this for private investors as well. A seller might want to be cashed out.

3.) Second Mortgage: You can get a seller to carry back a second mortgage or you can get someone else to finance the second mortgage for you.

4.) Second Mortgage Paper Cash Out: The seller is carrying back the second mortgage, and there are people who will buy the second. You are simply keeping the first in place. There will be a heavier discount but there are people who will buy second-lien positions and you can cash out the seller that way.

5.) Blanket Mortgage: You’re getting a seller to carry back a second but they want extra collateral. You allow their mortgage to blanket over another piece of property that you own.

6.) Blanket Over Other Collateral: You want the seller to carry back the second mortgage but the seller wants more collateral. So, say you have a boat or a car or something else to offer as collateral. You can offer that piece of collateral and make that part of the lien.

7.) Deferred Down Payment: This is a way to get an interest free loan. You buy the property and either assume that the seller has first mortgage or you get a new first mortgage. You then give a down payment 12 months from now. This is another way of rephrasing a second. Calling this a Deferred Down Payment implies that there is no interest being charged.

8.) Barter: Trading something for something. This is getting in the creative arena. Let’s say you have talent as a bookkeeper and you want to buy the property, you could barter your services against the down payment on that property. You could provide 12 months of bookkeeping services, and if you need the seller to carry back $20,000 you then provide $25,000 of bookkeeping services. You then have the seller carry back a note on the property.

9.) Barter Assets: Instead of putting a mortgage, for example, on your boat, you give it to the seller as consideration for a down payment on the property.

10.) Turn Around Joint Venture: You could approach landlords of distressed properties that may be out of state. The landlords are amenable to terms that you can agree on so you agree to a joint venture. You come in and turn the property around and they give you half ownership in the equity that they have. This is a great way to get in a deal with no cash.

Your ability to put together multifamily deals is only limited by your imagination. Think creatively. There are plenty of other options available to you.

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9 Responses to “10 Creative Ways To Get Your Deals Done” by Lance Edwards

  1. Harold Morgan says:

    Great information I will start using these 10 way to get deals done

  2. Amy Ellis says:

    Great tips! I’m going to try some of the ones that I had not thought of.

  3. Chyanne Ford says:

    Great tips.

  4. Nancy Shah says:

    Ideas to start, then creativity for more has no limits.

  5. John Shavers says:

    These are very good ideas. Thanks!

  6. Keith Lanier says:

    And guess what, there are even more ways, be careful the agreements are AIR TIGHT…

  7. Roger & Lu Young says:

    All great ways to get deals done, but I don’t like number 1. Probably be ok if you added, “have the seller go to a lender to get a first mortgage”. Then you take the mortgage over subject-to. But I will follow Ron’s rule. Stay off the carpet in the banks. Thanks for the great articles.

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