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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Brother Jay, Put Me Down for $250,000,” by Jay Conner

“Brother Jay, Put Me Down for $250,000,” by Jay Conner

When I started out investing in Real Estate, I did it ALL THE WRONG WAY! Like so many other Real Estate Investors, I was taken to the slaughter house. I went to my local banker and was able to do a few deals…but you know what happened: I had to come up with Big Down Payments, pay origination fees, and most importantly…play by their rules. (Including signing personal guarantees on everything I owned.) I hated it. I felt owned by the bank, out of control, and stressed out.

So, I got some education and learned about buying properties “Subject-To,” Using Options, and buying with “Lease/Options.” These tools opened up my opportunities, but then The Hammer Came Down!!! When the market turned south big-time…my banker CUT ME OFF!!! With No Warning!!! I knew I had to find another way. I searched high and low for another system that would give me the funds I needed. Then I realized I needed to combine the best aspects of all that I researched. And that’s when I created a unique, private lending system. I kept refining it until I thought I had the best formula. Then I put it all together and made contact with my first prospect. I trusted my system and the very first person I approached gave me $250,000 in Private Money…and what blew me away was How Easy It Was!!!

Within a few, short months…I had $2,150,000 in Private Money!!! And that was just a couple of years ago…and it has ROCKED MY REAL ESTATE INVESTING CAREER! (My banker actually did me a HUGE FAVOR…I just didn’t know it at the time because that set-back forced me to create the system that would bring me lots of money Fast and Easy without relying on bankers or my credit.) The Massive Profits (7 Figures Per Year) I’ve been blessed to enjoy by creating and putting into action my “Where To Get The Money Now” System has without a doubt been my Biggest Quantum Leap since becoming a Real Estate Investor. And I live in a city with only 40,000 people.

How would you like to “listen in” on a confidential conversation between me and my very first private lender?  The following is my conversation with an elderly gentleman whom I’ve known for years at church.

After the closing prayer at bible study and as the church folks were visiting and mingling in the church building, I walked up to Brother Paul Jenkins and said, “Brother Paul, I’d like to talk with you about something confidentially.” He said, “Well Brother Jay, let’s go over here to the nursery where we can talk privately.” We walked over to the nursery and closed the door.

He said, “Brother Jay, what have you got on your mind.” I said, “Brother Paul, the reason I wanted to speak with you confidentially is because what I’m about to tell you is not for public knowledge. I have now decided to allow folks I know and trust to invest in my Real Estate business. Now, I’m not taking on partners and I can’t accept everybody because there’s certain criteria they have to meet. What I am doing is allowing folks to loan their money to my business while having it safely secured by Real Estate. Now Brother Paul, I know you know a lot of people and you’re in the Rotary Club and see about 200 folks every Tuesday at lunch…when you run across somebody that would like to earn high rates of return safely and securely, would you refer them to me?”

As his eyebrows began to raise Brother Paul asked, “Well Brother Jay, now what did you have in mind when you said a high rate of return?” I paused and then asked, “Well Brother Paul, are YOU interested?” He responded, “I’ll tell you, me and Miss Pauline have quite a bit of money in CD’s that are getting ready to mature.” I then asked, “Well, how much are those CD’s earning you right now?”  He shook his head and said, “Only 2 %.” I said, “Brother Paul, that’s a crying shame. Let me ask you a question: What kind of a rate sounds high to you?” He thought for a few seconds and said, “Well Brother Jay, I guess something like 7 %.” I thought for a few seconds and responded, “ Brother Paul, if I agreed to pay you that kind of a rate, there’s something I’d have to ask you and trust you to do.” He then asked me, “What is that Brother Jay?” I said, “ I would have to trust you not to tell anybody that I’m paying you that kind of a rate.

‘Cause if the word got out that I was paying that much, I wouldn’t be able to handle it.” He said, “Brother Jay, Mums the word. You can count on me not to let the cat out of the bag. This would be strictly between us.”

I put my head down and paused for a few seconds and then said, “Brother Paul, I think I could work with you at the 7% rate.”  He held up his index finger, looked me in the eye and said, “Brother Jay, Put Me Down for $250,000.” I said, “Brother Paul, I’ll put you down.”

Within a few days I stopped by Brother Paul’s home for a cup of coffee and a little visit with him and Miss Pauline. They wanted to know how I was coming along with finding a house so they could start earning that 7% return. I was glad to report that I had found a property that fit our criteria and we would probably be closing next week. As we were sitting at their kitchen table and drinking coffee (Miss Pauline makes the best coffee there ever was!) Brother Paul leaned forward and said, “Now Brother Jay, we’ve got another $125,000 CD coming due next month. Is there anyway you could earmark that $125,000 to invest in another house so we could start earning 7% on that money?” I said, “Brother Paul, no problem. There are plenty of properties for me to choose from. I’ll put you down for another $125,000.  In fact, I’ll start looking right now so we won’t waste any time getting you a high rate of return on that $125,000.”

I thanked Miss Pauline for the wonderful coffee. Brother Paul then invited me out to his workshop to show me his latest antique collection. We had a wonderful visit and I was on my way to look for the next property.

You see, Getting Private Money is as easy as asking simple questions and following an easy system. There’s gobs of money all around you. All you’ve got to do is tell your story and ASK. And who knows? You might get a great cup of coffee, a relaxing visit with friends, and an antique tour as a bonus!

(Note: Brother Paul Jenkins and his wife Miss Pauline are not their real names as to protect their privacy, but the story and conversation is)

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2 Responses to “Brother Jay, Put Me Down for $250,000,” by Jay Conner

  1. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    this is one of the best story I heard
    and I hope can I find my own thanks jay

  2. John Rogers says:

    They say that a good deal will never go wanting og the money needed. This is a good axample of knowing how to find it.

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