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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “How to Make $72,000 Buying a House for Top Dollar” by Richard Roop

“How to Make $72,000 Buying a House for Top Dollar” by Richard Roop

Sellers need help selling their homes. You can be their solution by buying it. But instead of trying to convince sellers to take less than market value, how many houses could you buy if you offered above market value? And how can you make a great profit if you pay top dollar?

The answer lies in your “investing strategy” which includes 1) How you find it, 2) How you fund it, 3) How you flip it or make your profit.

One way to generate huge profits per deal while offering sellers top dollar is by using the “free and clear real estate investing strategy.” I developed this approach and began using it as my main investing strategy back in 2008 when the housing and lending markets began making their historic changes. It has proven to be a great approach ever since — regardless of what’s happening in the economy.

How to FIND Great Free & Clear Deals

The first step is to find sellers who own free and clear homes. You can order a mailing list based on property type, loan to value, market value, zip codes and owner type. Then you can target these owners using direct mail looking for sellers interested in getting top dollar — quickly and easily – plus the benefits of avoiding all the typical costs and hassles of putting their property on the market through an agent.

Think about it. Even folks with free and clear houses have to compete against distressed properties being offered at a discount, not to mention the challenges of finding a qualified buyer with today’s stricter bank lending guidelines.

There are two “owner types” to target including absentee owners who do not live in the property and primary owners who do. For absentee owners we target loan to value of 0 to 49%. This has always been a good list (for all types of investing strategies) and you’ll get the bonus of finding “retiring landlords” with multiple free and clear properties.

The list of primary owners is much bigger so we can narrow it down by loan to value of 0% to 20%. I recommend starting with absentee owners who own property in your preferred zip codes, then expand to primary owners.

My best method for generating calls and emails from prospects is to send small, cheap postcards with my proven “free and clear owner” message. Once you create an account with a good mailing list provider you can download a list and mail a batch of postcards all online using http://www.click2mail.com in about 30 minutes. I’ve even hired a staff member to do it for me and my clients, so it can be all “done for you”.

How to Raise Cash for Free & Clear Deals

With this strategy you’ll never have any of your money tied up in a property. We fund each deal with a small private money first mortgage and a larger owner carryback second.

Every deal needs some cash so we raise this cash from the small private money first. This amount includes any seller down payment, closing costs, repairs costs and holding costs. It also includes reimbursement of any money spent on mailing postcards.

But that is not all. You need cash! So we always pull out extra cash out at closing (usually $10,000 to $20,000). This is key since we want to be able to “buy and hold” yet we still need some cash profits — now.

Consider borrowing up to 50% of the value of the property on the first mortgage without bank qualifying. Would this be a pretty safe, well-secured note for a private lender? I’ll say. They have a first position and tons of equity to protect them. If you make this opportunity available (flap your lips) you’ll find folks who’ll be happy with 6% to 10% annual interest. I offer 8% and am very comfortable making this opportunity available to friends, family or anyone else I know.

Actually, you can offer whatever interest you want to a private lender. It does not cost you anything. The note payments are covered by the income you collect on the property. And the total cost of the loan is accounted for when determining the price you’ll offer to the seller. So if you pay more to a lender you simply offer less to a seller.

You can even pay hard money lender rates of 12% to 15% plus points if needed to get the deal done with a $72,000 profit. That’s because any profit goal you choose is treated like an expense. The higher your costs the less you offer a seller. So you always lock in your profit.

These first mortgages are so well-secured that I’ve found money partners who will do them nationwide for me and my clients — even though they can’t inspect or visit the property. We simply provide them with a certified appraisal and close with a nationwide title company to protect them.

How to Get Sellers to Carry a Note with Little or No Interest

Sellers agree to carryback a note because they love the price and other benefits you can offer. About one out of 10 free and clear sellers will accept your offer because they understand it, feel comfortable and it works for them.

Monthly payments on their note are determined by the available cash flow generated from the property. The “net” cash flow is the market rent less expenses like taxes, insurance, HOA dues and a fixed amount we’ll keep set for ourselves to cover future vacancies, repairs and maintenance. Remember, we do not want any of our money put into a property, now or in the future. Avoid the mistake of feeding properties. Only offer a seller a monthly payment that the property can easily afford.

Ask sellers to take the lowest possible interest rate on their note. This reduces our expenses and therefore increases our offer price. We can also demonstrate to a seller that they will pay less in income taxes by taking a higher price and a lower interest versus a lower price and higher interest. That’s because interest is normally taxed at a higher rate than any gain they get.

The IRS publishes “Applicable Federal Rates” each month. This is the minimum interest they want a seller to charge you on a real estate note. The current rate on a 9 year note is .92% a year! By using this low rate you will rapidly pay down the note principal each year — paid for by the income you get from your occupant.

Normally there will be a balloon payment due to the seller on the “maturity date.” So on a 9 year note you’d sell or finance the property by the end of the term to pay them off. Of course, you have the option of asking the seller to extend and can give them some incentives to do so, if desired. You can also pay off the seller sooner if you sold or refinanced early. But they must agree to a discounted “Early Pay Off Schedule” upfront to ensure you make your desired profit.

How to Lock In Your Guaranteed Profit

Your profit on free and clear deals equals the total received in cash now, cash flow and cash later:

1) You always collect $10,000, $20,000 or more when buying for cash now.

2) You then add up your total positive cash flow over the years, taking into account increases in market rent for your cash flow.

3) You then project what you could sell the property for at the seller note maturity date, taking into account some modest and conservative appreciation. Your backend profit or cash later the future resell price less selling costs and loan payoffs.

So to construct offers for a seller you take your resell price and subtract all your expected expenses for buying, holding, selling and profit. This will determine your “maximum allowable offer” with terms or Terms MAO.

How to Increase Your Income while Reducing Expenses

Normally you’ll occupy each property with a tenant, tenant-buyer or terms buyer. I prefer dealing with “buyers” to avoid landlording hassles and expenses. But I do not rely on them to close. If they do, great. If they don’t, great.

Most of my properties are occupied by tenant-buyers. They agree to buy the property at a future date and maintain the property themselves. I give them different credits toward closing in exchange for keeping their agreements, paying on time and — never calling me.

You can also offer “no bank qualifying” owner financing to a “terms buyer” using an installment land contract, agreement for deed, all-inclusive deed of trust or wrap around mortgage. Here you collect a good size down payment and finance the rest. Their loan “wraps” the underling loans that you continue to pay on — so you can further reduce your management and create a spread on the interest or monthly payment.

How to Make $8,000 on Every Offer You Make

As you can see, there are a bunch of numbers to crunch when using this investing strategy. So I created a software program that calculates everything in minutes. I would not do it any other way. Enter a few numbers and it spits out multiple offers.

Nine Year Note Example: Assume a single family home in Florida needing $5,000 in work valued at $180,000 after repaired. Market rent is $1,295 and we offer it with flexible terms to a buyer for $187,500. We’re going to target a total profit of $72,000 including $10,000 now at the rest over time.

After calculating the numbers we buy it “as is” for:

1) $214,000 with no money down and $800 a month
2) $202,000 with $15,000 down and $700 a month
3) $182,000 with $40,000 down and $500 a month

Each offer gets the seller a quick sale — well above what they might net selling through an agent down the road. And we get at least $72,000 from the cash now, cash flow and cash later.

And if on average we close 1 out of 10 offers it’s like making $8,000 every time you make an offer — whether it is accepted or not! It’s simple a numbers game.

A Great Strategy to Add to Your Real Estate Business

There are many good, safe ways to make big money in real estate and this is just one of them. According to the latest US Census data over 30% of the properties in the U.S. are free and clear. How many real estate investors do you know who are targeting these sellers or using this approach? There’s very little competition and lots of opportunity.

I’ve scheduled a webinar with Ron to answer the most commonly asked questions I get and to demonstrate more on how this free and clear investing strategy works. Watch for the announcement soon and join us to learn more.


Richard Roop is considered one of the nation’s best kept secrets for serious real estate investors. Sharing his Free and Clear cash strategies, Richard Roop has taught thousands of real estate investors throughout the nation how to generate cash now, cash flow, and cash for later, regardless of what’s happening in the economy. He is one of the top direct response marketing ‘gurus’ and consultants dedicated to helping real estate investors generate more leads, negotiate better deals and create more consistent, predictable cash each month. He specializes in sharing proven, low cost real estate direct marketing strategies for attracting a steady flow of motivated sellers, as well as real estate business marketing systems for getting investment properties occupied fast.

Richard also teaches investors systematic approaches to growing their businesses, leveraging their time and increasing their profitability on each deal. His real estate direct marketing approach to investing teaches investors to achieve their financial goals WITHOUT hunting for deals, relying on agents, using their credit, offering large down payments, struggling with tenants, borrowing from banks or calling sellers. He has been a full time creative real estate investor since he started applying Ron LeGrand investing strategies in 1996. He has bought over 500 homes, manages millions of dollars in real estate and still actively buys and sells houses every month near his home in the Woodland Park, Colorado.

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