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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “The Success Indicator” by MaryEllen Tribby

“The Success Indicator” by MaryEllen Tribby

MaryEllen Tribby recently re-ran a short article and graphic that she said made the most impressive impact on her readers this past year.  Simply put, the graphic details habits and traits successful people tend to have versus those folks not so successful.  Read below and take an honest accounting of just how many “success” traits you possess.  It is a new year; perhaps you’ll want to adjust your New Year’s Resolutions accordingly.

Reprinted in part with permission from MaryEllen Tribby’s, Working Moms Only Newsletter

… You see, I searched through the Working Moms Only archives from 2012. I found the ones that you valued most. I have to admit – here were some exceptional ones.

But the one that stood out the most and had the largest impact on our community was the one titled, The Success Indicator.

So many people wrote to me and told me that they printed it out and taped it to their computer, decorated their workspace with it and carried it with them wherever they went.

A few big time speakers used it during their conference presentations this year. And, I saw it go massively viral on Facebook and other social media sites!

So instead of re-printing it as a text chart – we took the valuable advice and turned it into an easy to read and eye-catching info graphic.

You can view it below, but there is also a link included so you can easily print out the PDF on an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper and keep it all year long. You can print out as many copies as you like and place them all over your office and home…

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6 Responses to “The Success Indicator” by MaryEllen Tribby

  1. JOHN REUTEMAN says:

    I don’t see the link to the PDF file. If I print the graphic the quality is so low I can’t read anything. Same for when I Save Target As. Can you try again?

    • Jim Myers says:

      I have a Mac, so I do not know if this will work on a PC. (I think it will, but it is at least worth a try.)

      Open up a blank word doc. Left click on the Picture you want to copy. Drag it to the open word doc. As you hover over the word doc, unclick your mouse. (is unclick even a word?) The picture should appear on the word doc page.

      In the case of THE SUCCESS INDICATOR, I opened up the chart by clicking on the link on this page. That way, the chart was a full page. The reason that is relevant is that the picture you drag to the open word doc will cover approximately the same space as the original picture you are trying to copy.

      If you copy a smaller photo and try to resize it to a full page, it will blur the text.

      I hope this is helpful. (Since I am curious by nature, I would be interested in knowing if this will work on a PC.)

      Jim Myers

    • John Rogers says:

      The Success Indicator graphic link would not work on my computer using the Internet Explorer8 (IE8). It did work OK as a jpg file when I used the Google Chrome browser. Maybe that will help some. I couldn’t get the PDF file either.

  2. Debbie Waters says:

    Hi guys! Simply click the blue link above “The Success Indicator” and it will connect you to the printable PDF. Thanks!

  3. John Rogers says:

    After I got the jpg photo file of The Success Indicator, it printed fine. Correc size and resolution. It is a very organized and visual way to show the success indicators. Thanks.

  4. Dana Taylor says:

    the Success Indicator made everything so much clearer for me. I liked it because it showed me the things that I would need to change if I wanted to be a truly successful person

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