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VA Disposition Codes

Please see below for the definition of our VA Disposition Codes:

  • DISCONT If the line is disconnected.
  • No Eng- If the seller does not speak English
  • INC Info- short for incorrect contact information-If the person on the phone states that we are not calling the correct person
  • Listed- If the seller states that the home is listed and you are closing the lead
  • LMCB– If you leave a voicemail or leave a message with a relative or assistant.
  • No Ans– If you call and the line is silent, or you get nothing but a continuous ring
  • No Cont Info- short for no contact info If the lead does not have a phone number or email address
  • No Intrst – short for not interested If they do not want to work with our client
  • Off Mrkt – If the seller decided not to sell
  • PI Generated  – If they generate a PI sheet
  • RCB –  short for request call back-If the seller states they would like a call at a later time.
  • Sold – if the property is sold or under contract
  • WOSWB – (formally Will only speak with buyer) If they will only speak with buyer
  • VM Full- Used in instances where the voicemail box is full and you are unable to leave a message.
  • Sent Email- In instances where you send an email
  • Duplicate-  This is used when a client has multiple of the same exact lead
  • Drop Call –  This is used when you’ve been able to speak to the seller and start filling out the PI sheet and the line becomes disconnected. After attempting to call the seller back and you’re unable to reach them you will leave this note in our Notes/Comments section “Spoke with seller on (date) call disconnected”
  • DNC –  This is used when you’ve contacted a seller and they ask to be placed on our do not call list.
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7 Responses to VA Disposition Codes

  1. Johnny Bailey Bailey says:

    Thanks again for this helpful information

  2. Samuel Peters says:

    Hello thanks for the disposition call list,I was checking dream’s site before coming to work thinking that I didn’t get any leads not knowing the notes on the calls my virtual assistant made, thanks for this lesson now I know how to follow up.

  3. Evan Gross says:

    this is for your VA’s, right?

  4. Mark Esposito says:

    LMCB – If you leave a voicemail or leave a message with a relative or assistant.

    90% of the responses I’m getting are LMCB. When the VA shows this code what number do they leave for the seller to call back?

  5. Michael Cellini says:

    Thanks for your crib sheet.

  6. Bridget Fombon-Nambouh says:


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