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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » Virtual Assistant Spotlight » “A big thank you for making our jobs easier!”

“A big thank you for making our jobs easier!”


Thank you for recommending your Gold Club Virtual Assistants.

After signing up, our assigned VA, contacted us, introduced herself and the rest is history. We are grateful to have such a quality individual as part of our team who is responsive and adaptive to our requirements.

She manages our lead flow of potential sellers and buyers and makes the appropriate follow-up calls. Knowing that she is handling this part of our business leaves us the time to focus on making decisions and closing deals.

A big “thank you” to her and the VA team for making our jobs easier. Keep up the great work!

Happy Investing,

John Martin & Amy Hinderer

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7 Responses to “A big thank you for making our jobs easier!”

  1. Nancy Shah says:

    A Gold VA from a Gold Club

  2. Ken Chavez says:

    Our VA seems to have changed every couple of months, and each time we get a new one it’s necessary to get to know his or her quirks. Of course they follow the same basic procedure and when they forward leads to us they’ve usually been helpful, but as far as I know we’ve not gotten any new leads since October.

    • Ken Chavez says:

      I figured out how to get the lead sheets off the DREAMS site, which has apparently been in effect since November (when I thought our leads had stopped coming in). From the Home page, I click the link to View All Leads, then go to the Closed Leads tab; the newest leads are at the bottom of that page, and the Yes leads are clearly marked. Very simple once you know how.

      • Gary Peyrot says:

        Ken Chavez, are you satisfied with the performance of the GC VAs? I’m new to the Gold Club and would like to know how soon you think I should hire a VA.
        Please reply here and if you can shoot me an email at gary.peyrot@gmail.com

  3. Keith Lanier says:

    You should hire a VAs when you are ready for VAs to call your leads!

  4. Justin Logan says:

    I absolutely agree that a VA is a must!! No two ways about it.

  5. Leo Candido says:

    The idea of having a VA doing pretty much all the hard work for us is great.
    I cannot recommend this service any higher!

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