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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » Virtual Assistant Spotlight » A Commendation For Our Virtual Assistants

A Commendation For Our Virtual Assistants

I’d like to leave a commendation for for my Virtual Assistant.

I am finding her to have the southern charm and graciousness I am learning to anticipate when I come to that area of the country. She also has a very fun telephone demeanor.

It is obvious from her call logs that she is working very hard for my benefit, and she has a very fast response time to emails and phone calls from me. Additionally, she has provided some great insight into my decision to change the counties that I am working in. If all goes well, I anticipate upgrading my VA membership and would like her to handle it.

I trust that I will have a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

Stan Shellum

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7 Responses to A Commendation For Our Virtual Assistants

  1. Tod Webb says:

    I can’t wait to get involved with one, is the cheaper version OK to start? I want to get to my first check and I’m so busy stilling the JOB… ??

  2. Amy Ellis says:

    My VA is fantastic too! She has been so helpful.

  3. Ken Chavez says:

    We are having trouble monitoring the Virtual Assistance in the new year. Apparently we ran out of prepaid hours for her in October or so, and haven’t gotten any leads since then. We did get a notice to check the Dreams site for our new leads, but no calls OR leads have been posted since 12/30/2015. Doesn’t the annual Gold Club membership cover the VA services? Or am I not understanding something about how she operates since 12/30?

  4. Ken Chavez says:

    Amy has been good at sending us reminders when we have Yes leads lately. I think she’s more helpful than some of the other VA’s have been, though all have been good. She sets a high standard!

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