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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » Virtual Assistant Spotlight » “The VAs get leads more effectively than we get them ourselves.”

“The VAs get leads more effectively than we get them ourselves.”

We began rehabbing houses in 2010 and wanted to expand our options. We have been using the Ron LeGrand Quick Start Real Estate Course methods for 6 months and have had our Virtual Assistant for four months.

Although the VA can perform many tasks for our business, currently we are only using our VA to source leads. John, our VA, coordinates with other VAs to get Leads, log them into a spreadsheet and provide a recap of services used per month.

We have weekly meeting to discuss how we want to use our VA time and to discuss VA performance. To date, John has exceeded our expectations in the number of leads we receive per month and sourcing the leads from our specific criteria.

The VAs get leads more effectively than we can get them ourselves. John is friendly, intelligent, efficient and an integral part of our real estate team! Using Virtual Assistants has enhanced our real estate business beyond what we could achieve ourselves!

Russ and Cheryl
Future Keys, LLC
St Louis

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7 Responses to “The VAs get leads more effectively than we get them ourselves.”

  1. Darren Dixie says:

    this is encouraging. I signed up for the VA a week ago. Looking forward to some leads that result in deals.

  2. Shay Lance says:

    Good to know. Tx.

  3. Reggie Germinal says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with VA

  4. Greg Trice says:

    Agree with Reggie. Great news

  5. Brandon Dickman says:

    They do help us get leads, more leads, than we were able to do ourselves. So glad we use VAs!

  6. Ken Chavez says:

    When our VA’s produce leads, they are usually quite helpful, though in recent months we’ve gotten several leads that don’t match our criteria, and haven’t had any that I’m aware in at least 3 months.

    • Ken Chavez says:

      I stand corrected. The VA’s have been working through the DREAMS site rather than via email. Takes some adjustment but I think it’s better.

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