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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » Virtual Assistant Spotlight » “Every problem is resolved so quickly that it wasn’t a problem.”

“Every problem is resolved so quickly that it wasn’t a problem.”


I have to say that working with everyone has been pleasant and very efficient.

I have had the opportunity to work with several folks at various times. Every problem is resolved so quickly that it was never a problem. Everyone is just a phone call or email away to the answer my concerns or put me in the right direction.

Julie is my VA and a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm is always positive and extremely friendly.

I am glad that I am part of Ron’s family. It feels like being home not away in a strange place not knowing anyone.


Jerome Zebrowski

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2 Responses to “Every problem is resolved so quickly that it wasn’t a problem.”

  1. Ken Chavez says:

    Our experience has been somewhat different. For a while, one of our recent VA’s was not answering the “vital” questions on the lead sheet; though she was putting the information in the Notes section, we had to search for it because it wasn’t where we had been led to expect it to be. Many of our Yes leads were not the sorts of houses we were looking for; they were outside of our specified areas, or were empty lots rather than homes, or “maybe, if I’m in a good mood” leads more than “yes” leads. Very frustrating.

  2. Fernando Diaz says:

    Having good vas in your team is key. There are several tasks that I am now comfortable that my VA can do.

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