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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » 2020-07-10 Ask Ron

2020-07-10 Ask Ron

In this week’s edition of “Ask Ron,” Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding owner/seller financing, LLCs, Commercial Property, pretty houses, and closing costs.

Thanks to Mark Finn, Joseph Harris III, Yong Xu, David Simons, Brent Dunn, and Leonel Barradas. Please don’t forget to “Ask Ron” any questions on the forum or via Messenger. Stay tuned for next week’s video!

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One Response to 2020-07-10 Ask Ron

  1. Mark Finn says:

    Thanks Ron that was super helpful. And my apologies for being so vague about the deal. It’s in Sanford Maine and the purchase price is 340,000 there’s no money owed on the property and it has a realistic as is value of 400,000. As I said earlier the seller will owner finance but is looking for a steep, in my estimation, nonrefundable deposit of $17,000 And to be bought out completely in two years. He seems highly motivated and I would hate to flush this out due to lack of a experience and be funding. Any and all comments would be most helpful. Best, Mark

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