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Home » Resources » Just For Fun » 46 Bed, 26 Bath Home For Sale

46 Bed, 26 Bath Home For Sale

Ever felt you need a 60,000 sq ft complete with a 9-car garage, indoor swimming pool, spa and elevator?

After a doctor and his wife originally built as a live-in rehab facility for their patients, they built an almost identical home on the 15-acre lot next door and decided to live their instead.

Now their original 46 bed, 26 bath complex is on sale for the low, low price of only $3.5 million. It just needs “minor” work to finish construction.

The good news is that the home is built where there is no zoning, so it can be used for residential or commercial purposes. It’s situated on 15 acres, close to new schools and only a 20 minute drive to a local medical center.

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9 Responses to 46 Bed, 26 Bath Home For Sale

  1. Thomas Carlin says:

    very ugly…looks like an apartment complex!

  2. Debbie Magar says:

    Why not just finish that and live in instead of identical one next door?

  3. Len Fletcher says:

    This idea would be great for onsite therapy sessions, for high end clients.

  4. Len Fletcher says:

    a little landscaping, security, and a landing strip would make it perfect.

  5. Mark Burton says:

    Good luck finding comps on this one. lol

  6. Al Johansen says:

    Not bad but I’m looking for a Castle on my private Island.

  7. Chevaria Miller says:

    I live about 10 min away from these mystery mansions. Funny I never really thought about the real estate aspects of the properties but now my mind is racing!

  8. Keith Lanier says:

    Flip or FSBO?

  9. Anders Karlsson says:

    Build a Ranch, and they will come.

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