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Home » Resources » Mentoring Testimonial – Brian Hewitt

Mentoring Testimonial – Brian Hewitt

I started in the Mentoring program and soon after I was assigned to a Mentor. What a thrill it was to have a Mentor who was an experienced Real Estate investor. Unfortunately, after working with him I noticed he seemed reluctant to offer up any information and when he did it was similar to an encrypted tweet. Pretty much useless to a newbie like me. Here I shelled out thousands of dollars and I was getting frustrated. I was getting nowhere.

Luckily for me I got a call from a Bandit sign I placed. The call was a seller who needed to sellfast. So, I wrote up a contract to buy their house. I sent the contract to my Mentor to review.

Time was of the essence and I conveyed this to my Mentor. However, he didn’t get back to me until the next day with another one of his useless encrypted tweets. During this waiting period my seller panicked and signed with another investor – and I lost the deal.

I was frustrated and at a crossroads. I felt like dumping the whole Real Estate venture since it wasn’t working out at all. But, since I shelled out so much money I decided to call the person in charge of the Mentors and explain what happened. I didn’t know what to expect…

Fortunately the person in charge of the Mentoring program felt empathy for me and agreed my Mentor let me down. They also decided to allow me to switch Mentors. Ok, I thought I’d give it one more try… but so far I was really disappointed with the whole program.

During the first few minutes of my phone interview with my new Mentor Tony Pearl I quickly realized the difference between a reluctant Mentor and a Mentor who seemed like he really wanted to help me succeed.

I could hear the enthusiasm in Tony’s voice. The things he was saying were geared toward helping me succeed in Real Estate. So far so good… When I went to Tony’s website I was blown away when I saw all the necessary tools, articles, scripts and other information needed to help me succeed.

If I had stayed with my first Mentor I never would have known anything about Tony’s tools and all the necessary information found on his site. Then it dawned on me… how many other Mentoring students are out there who could and should have access to all these forms,
scripts, articles etc?

It might be hard to find other Mentors with Tony’s enthusiasm to help others but hisyourrealestatecourse.com should be the benchmark for all the Mentors. If all the Mentors Were using it – all the students would also have access to these necessary forms, scripts and information.

I can’t say enough good thing about my time working with Tony. He has gone way over an above hat anyone would ever expect from a Mentor. When I’d send him something its as if he dropped everything to answer my questions, review my forms and his email responses were paragraphs of well thought out explanations. One time he had a house full of guests and he still too the time to review and correct my contract!

The best part is I can use all the valuable information I’ve learned for the rest of my life as well as pass it on to my kids Fortunately, I still have the opportunity to continue on with Tony as my Mentor.

Until Im able to sign up for more mentring with Tony, its kind of weird saying “Adios” to someone I would now consider to be good friend and great Mentor, yet someone I’ve never met! Hopefully someday I’ll get to meet him so I can thank him personally for all the he’s done to assist me in my Real Estate Investing.

Please feel free to share this information with others!

-Brian Hewitt

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2 Responses to Mentoring Testimonial – Brian Hewitt

  1. Donald Jones says:

    How do I find a mentor? I’m new to the goldclub

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