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Home » Resources » Mentoring Testimonial – Kenny Nassar

Mentoring Testimonial – Kenny Nassar

I was fortunate enough to be paired with Barbara “BJ” LeGrand Cockrell as my mentor after attending a Quick Start Real Estate School with Ron LeGrand in Washington, DC,   in August of 2018. Barbara took the time to get to know me as a person, and customized a mentoring program just for me.   

She quickly recognized my strengths and weaknesses in my pursuit of becoming a successful Real Estate Investor.        

In my many years as an Information Technology Specialist; I’ve had no real training in sales, as my thinker brain was trained specifically for problem-solving.                   

However, she was able to see that I had a strong skill for building rapport. She guided me through all the scripts and listened to me as I spoke to sellers. Her critique was instrumental in bringing me to a level of mastering the phone. After my training with Barbara, I can now speak without hesitation and respond appropriately to all seller objections. This was the most difficult barrier for me to overcome, especially with my lack of sales skills.

As a part of the Gold Club, I received leads daily which were very helpful in trying out my closing calls. However, these leads were not very motivated.       

Barbara pushed me in the direction of finding motivated sellers by helping me locate them from various sources and finding their hot buttons.  

This opened many new doors for speaking to the right sellers, and not wasting my time. I spent at times 30 minutes with sellers that were just suspects. Now I am only speaking to the prospects.      

When I found my first few terms deals, Barbara made closing calls with me to help determine whether I should make an appointment.

Barbara has been extremely patient and caring through my mentorship. Aside from being a great mentor; she is also an exceptionally wonderful human being. There are many outstanding mentors provided by the program and selected by Ron. You can’t go wrong with any of them. They will keep you in the game no matter how discouraged you may feel sometimes.    

The logistics of being an investor are not that difficult; but putting everything into action requires the assistance of someone who has been there, hundreds of times before.

If you have an opportunity to have Barbara as your mentor, accept it without hesitation. I did. And I’m grateful to her and the entire program.

Kenny Nassar Boca Raton, FL April 19, 2020

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One Response to Mentoring Testimonial – Kenny Nassar

  1. Henry Sitko says:

    Barbara is also our mentor. She has been extremely patient as we go through these learning processes .
    Thank You for sharing what you have learned from Barbara.
    Be Safe .
    Henry & Theresa Sitko Sellersville,PA

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