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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Alton Jones

Millionaire in the Making – Alton Jones

Hello Lynette and Brian,

It is I, Alton Jones, all the way from Long Beach, CA.

Here is a quick Testimonial on an appointment with my local assistant Amon Dothard. We have a LOI commitment for a lease with option to buy. The lead was sourced by an Eagle Virtual Assistant. This was a property located in Murrieta, CA, which is in Riverside County. It’s a 5-bed/3-bath 2591 sq. ft., and the lot is 7405 sq. ft. I could tell that it was a good lead sheet by the notes and comments the Virtual Assistant made. The seller was very motivated due to an aging mother whom she wanted to relocate closer to family. It was becoming an inconvenience to commute to her mom.

In short, here’s the deal: I let Amon work the lead from when we received it from the VA. Amon had just attended Ron’s Mastermind Boot Camp and your Taking Action and Communication Workshop. Because of the training he received during those events, he was able to close for an appointment using the words and techniques that were taught.

Once at the seller’s home, we did a quick walk through and saw that the home was in great condition. Nothing needed to be done other than an easy wipe down and move in. We sat down with the seller and went through the numbers.

Seller wanted $405k and $50K down and a 1-year lease. Using the close I learned from Ron, I asked “If you can show me comps to support what you asking, I would be happy to review them in consideration of my offer.” She could not find them. So at that point we got the price down to $380k with $10k and 3-year lease with the right to extend. We pay $1891.00, which is what she pays to her bank. We get the pay down of the debt to resale as a Sandwich Lease Option for $425k with $30k down and $2100.00 per month which equals a $209.00 monthly spread. Not too bad!

But here’s where it gets better:

For some reason she completely opened up to us and indicated that she also had another awesome home in another high end area they want us to do a short sale on. They owe $660k and are trying to get $450k and resale for $550k. Now I know those short sales can be a hit or miss with banks, but what the heck! I will just out-source the work and wait until the end and $100k for my time.

It just goes to show that you go in with one deal in mind, but you come out with two and any other referrals that they may have. Turns out that the seller knows others like her in the same situation.

Bottom Line:

Deal 1
$30,000 down, $10,000 to seller
$209 per month over 36 months, $7524
$52,500 backend payoff
Total Cash

Deal 2
Short Sale, 6-8 months’ time
If all is good, we get an approval for $450,000 from the bank.
We resale on the open market for $550,000.
We make $100,000 give or take minus closing cost.

The total for both deals is $180,024.00!

This is from 1 seller, 1 appointment, 1 VA, 1, Wolff Couple and, of course, 1 Ron LeGrand.

Thanks, Team!

Alton Jones, CEO
West Coast Home Buyer, LLC

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4 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Alton Jones

  1. Tom Holyfield says:

    Cool beans!

  2. Phillip Warrick says:

    Congrats on those great deals.
    Phillip Warrick.
    RE coach Deer Park TX

  3. Melody Balk says:


  4. Eric Murphy says:


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