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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2015-05-11

Ron’s Q&A Call 2015-05-11

05-11-2015 Q&A Call

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7 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2015-05-11

  1. Rachel Harris says:

    I’m glad you recorded it. I missed the live call. Also, I’ve enjoyed all the monthly CDs.

  2. Steve Dinges says:

    Hello Elliot, Are we suppose to be receiving a monthly cd still? Enjoying Gold Club but I have not received any for quite some time. Also, is the magazine still being printed? Just curious. Have not received one in quite a while. Keep up the good work!
    Steve Dinges

  3. Rachel Harris says:

    This 1:44 minute call showed how students are finding and doing deals, and each case Ron suggested how to deal with it (or not), and exactly what to say to sellers.

  4. Rachel Harris says:

    Could you please tell me about the “New Addendum, that replaces paragraph 3” that Ron referred to?
    Thank you.
    Soon to be a Florida girl again.
    Rachel Harris

  5. Paul Brennan says:

    looks like the last call

  6. Matt Prchal says:

    I’m interested to know how many of these students actually implement the information that they learn here and go out into the field and make deals, or make a career out of this… I have a feeling that very few actually do.

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