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(Updated 04/14/2015)

Ron’s preferred yellow letter resource is standing by to help you customize and send personalized, pre-designed, “hand-written” yellow letters just as soon as you’re ready!

To find out more, get started at YellowLetterLady.com.

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9 Responses to YellowLetterLady.com

  1. Ngai Yeung says:

    I tried to call them and they were really nice to answer my questions.thanks

  2. Dan Wall says:

    I just started my first yellow letter campaign and Christy King helped me all the way. She is was professional and kept in constant contact with me, and got it done pretty quick.

  3. Ken Chavez says:

    I would like to learn more about Yellow Letters, but the link only says Christy King will write them for $0.49 each. Would Ms. King be willing to mentor my acquaintance? I’m sure it’s a useful tool, but if I can help someone closer to home to help me, everybody wins, which is part of what I’m trying to achieve.

  4. Ray Chinoy says:

    Does she also mail them?

  5. Aaron Anderson says:

    The best to work with!!!!

  6. Fernando Diaz says:

    Do you do car decals?

  7. Maria Ayesta says:

    great job

  8. Michelle Simms says:

    Also, I think she can help you get in contact with a list provider of motivated sellers:
    – pre-foreclosure list (30,60,90 days late)
    – Probate list
    – out of town owner “vacant”
    – divorce
    – bankruptcy
    – eviction
    – tax delinquent
    – etc….

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