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Home » Training » #1c How to import leads into DREAMS

#1c How to import leads into DREAMS

You can send leads to your VA to upload into DREAMS, but did you know you can also upload themĀ  yourself? It is easy. Watch here to see how.

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7 Responses to #1c How to import leads into DREAMS

  1. Dhana Moore says:

    Hello Pat:
    How do the FSBO lists from Gold Club get into a CSV file format? Do you have to request a FSBO list in a CSV file instead of by email when you have Dreams?

    Thank you!

  2. Timothy Munson says:

    Hi Dhana Moore,

    I have Dreams, too. The emails that I get from the FSBO lead service through the Gold Club are already in a CSV format. Yours are probably the same way. Take a second look.


  3. Fernando Diaz says:

    how do you access the closed leads without a no or yes.

  4. Bryan Davis says:

    So this is how I can upload leads from other sources. For example, the bird dogs that are sending me addresses and phone numbers for locally identified FSBOs could easily be forwarded to DREAMS for my VA to work. I love it!

  5. Willy Lopez says:

    Hello, how can I delete imported leads?!!!

  6. April Greene says:

    great program easy to use. I would like to know the overall fields that need to be imported. It would be great to have a section to manually enter leads vs having to upload them.

  7. Luke Kohls says:

    good information to know now it’s just into the habit of doing all of this to be committed to memory.THXS.

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