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Home » Training » #2a How to locate your PI sheets in DREAMS

#2a How to locate your PI sheets in DREAMS

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to navigate through DREAMS to locate your Property Information Sheets.

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11 Responses to #2a How to locate your PI sheets in DREAMS

  1. Carole Chisum says:


  2. Edwin Rivera says:

    Awesome! Thanks.

  3. Anders Karlsson says:


  4. Zaydee Rule says:

    Thanks for the info and especially for Pamela Patton providing the correct url…

  5. Rashida Strober says:

    What type of lead sheets may we bring to the events where they help you call them back? Must the leads all be yes leads?

  6. Ian Lemke says:

    Thanks for offering this explanation. I’m using MojoSells as my CRM right now. Looks like this DREAMS site may be easier to manage.

  7. Dave Stroup says:

    This is very informative.

  8. Sandra Brooks says:

    Play, learn, repeat, repeat, repeat.

  9. Paula James says:

    this is very informative but trying to analyze all the info

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