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Home » Training » Commercial Property » Lesson 03 – 6 Ways to Buy with No Money and How to Exit for a Profit (part 1)

Lesson 03 – 6 Ways to Buy with No Money and How to Exit for a Profit (part 1)

In Lesson 3 of the Commercial Property Training series, Ron goes over methods 1 and 2 of buying with no money, subordination (his favorite) and using part of the seller’s property to borrow all of the down payment.

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84 Responses to Lesson 03 – 6 Ways to Buy with No Money and How to Exit for a Profit (part 1)

  1. Stanley Chambers says:

    Great lecture! Tell me, the wording we can used for the Release Clause?

    Stanley C.

  2. Kevin Cook says:

    While listening to this lesson I was made aware of the vast amount of money I passed on to traditionally flip my way to complete failure. Here’s to new opportunity! Thanks again, Ron!

  3. Taj Mohamed says:

    The best way to buy is with no risk! – Can’t wait to learn more!

  4. Jeff Clayton says:

    Great session, Ron.

    Stanley C., the wording can be found in the Commercial Agreements section here on GoldClub site.

    click on: Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Vacant Land, then read Section 2.D. “release provision”

  5. Scott Burton says:

    starting to look difficult and complex. still excited though. thanks Ron.

  6. Cres Mandujano says:

    Very good lesson I like the office with free rent

  7. Mario Acevedo says:

    Thank you Ron. I liked this so much that I listen to it twice. Mario Acevedo, WA. State

  8. Aaron Williams says:

    Great Info Ron

  9. Tracy Day says:

    Another great video.Thanks Ron.

  10. Mr. Ross says:

    How do you do time and time again

  11. James Noullet says:

    Good lesson Ron

  12. Edward Haberthur says:

    Show me the money Ron I really love this video!

    All the best

  13. John Rogers says:

    The first of the 6 ways to buy commercial with no down payment – subordination. 2nd – Release clause, sounds great.

  14. Todd Smith says:

    Glad I just learned about subordination and release clauses. Can’t wait to learn more and put it to use!

  15. Tom Pratto says:

    Lot to take in. Thanks Ron.

  16. Christopher Carrington says:

    I totally agree its lot too take in but i remember the facts.

  17. Mike Minnihan says:

    Be sure to check out Ron’s Commercial agreements in the contract section.

    They will keep you out of trouble.

  18. Brit Vega says:

    Thanks Ron!

  19. LaTanya Graves says:

    Free Rent and Cashflow a Bonus! Thanks Ron!

  20. Mitch Hell says:

    I understand now!!

  21. Rick Talley says:

    I am looking at 2 different multi home packages. This looks like it could work in this situation

  22. Steven Kincer says:

    Does the same MAO formula apply to commercial property like it does to residential?

  23. Christy Nguyen says:

    Hi Ron
    You don’t know how happy I found you. I’ll be happier when doing my first commercial deal. Q: do you take the purchase contract of multiple parcels with release clause to the bank and ask them to lend on one of the parcel? Do we have this financing contingency on the contract? Is it nonrecourse loan with the bank?

    • Trevor Morgan says:

      Christy, I hope you re-watched the video, and Ron’s others (also buy the commercial property package for more depth). You use the parcel(s) being released and sell those to raise cash to complete the deal. No bank financing for the released parcels, just outright sale. Make sense?

  24. Gary Proctor says:

    Once again, another great video. You’ve opened my eyes to so many new and creative possibilities. Thanks Ron!

  25. Tom Holyfield says:

    Yes, you can’t help but come across some, as your’re out and about just doing single family homes. They just plain are there.

  26. Chuck Powell says:

    $$$$Driving For $$$$$$$

  27. Darren Dixie says:

    i like the concept of subordination. i’m going to use that on the deal i’m working on now.

  28. James Seal says:

    There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow,
    and gold mines everywhere!
    Thank Ron!

  29. Dmitriy Zakharin says:

    Just after listening to this called few brokers and got a few yes on seller finances

  30. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent Ron ALWAYS teaches and show the way it should be done…….no need to re-invent the wheel…….

  31. Brian Chilcote says:

    Words of wisdom from a true pro!

  32. Andrew Schlag says:

    Thanks Ron. I’m learning so much from these videos.

  33. Elaine Yuan says:

    Big Thanks Ron. I like the first of the 6 ways to buy commercial with no down payment – subordination. 2nd – Release clause & Free Rent and Cashflow a Bonus.
    Especially, I learn No single house to do the commercial.

  34. Chyanne Ford says:

    Great information Ron.

  35. Michael Amsberry says:

    LTV on new 1st mortgage is under 70%. Good stuff Ron!

  36. Michael Amsberry says:

    Learned something new on 2nd viewing. Thanks Ron.

  37. Martez Henderson says:

    the release of part of the property to secure dp for the rest of the property is the most amazingly creative thing i’ve ever heard. i think i want to try it now lol

  38. Beresford Kirton says:

    I really like learning at least one new thing every day. Listening to Ron’s training I am sure to learn much more than one real estate technique per day.

  39. Ijaz Mirza says:

    Owner financing on commercial deal is exciting.

  40. Aaron Anderson says:

    This almost seems too easy

  41. Steven Wyse says:

    this is great,and as we know people get burned out with these big properties,it’s a nice thing to be able to help them out,while they are helping us out

  42. Alison Vessup says:

    Great lesson. I’m going to try this.

  43. Jacob Mason says:

    Great lecture

  44. Aaron Anderson says:


    I just had my mind blown! Now I need to watch this a couple more times to wrap my head around this.

  45. Tasha Campfield says:

    This is really great information cause these are the type of properties that Im coming across. Thank you.

  46. Bella Chartrand says:

    Love this info!

  47. Anders Karlsson says:

    Wow, really great information. This is how I will by my own office.

  48. Charl Hattingh says:

    Hi Ron, What was your term with the seller in this particular instance based on the Seller Finance release clause deal?

  49. Allena Williams says:

    this was very informative and eye opening. I did notice that this is from 2012. I just joined the Gold Club at the end of Dec. 2018. Does this strategy still work in today’s market?

  50. Mike Dellarocca says:

    Is there a way to bookmark the videos that I have watched already?

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