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Home » Training » DREAMS Lesson – How To Build Your Website

DREAMS Lesson – How To Build Your Website

The following lesson video was created to show you exactly how you can create your buyer/seller DREAMS website quickly and effortlessly by following some simple processes. If you prefer not to do it yourself and would like for us to do it for you, we will gladly do so. Simply contact VIP Services at 888-840-8389 and tell them you’d like to get started right away!


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20 Responses to DREAMS Lesson – How To Build Your Website

  1. Stan Byars says:

    What is the cost of the DREAM Website—–and is this a lease or a purchase.

    Stan Byars
    Byars & Seller Real Estate

    • Debbie Waters says:

      Hi Stan,

      You can get setup with your DREAMS website at the $297 Gold Plus level. It’s also included at the $697 level which includes up to 25 hours of VA services as well.

      You will own your domain (sort of…you actually lease it from the Registrar, but you can transfer it to another registrar if you want). You are licensing the website from us. If you discontinue service, you won’t be able to transfer the website to another place. You can export all of your property data to put on another site, but the site remains on our servers.

      Please call VIP Services at 888-840-8389 if you need more information or to get started right away! Thanks!

  2. Rob McKinney says:

    It seems like a valuable tool, with many time-and-money saving features. Additionally, I liked the upbeat music playing while showing off the Dream system.

  3. Jeff Wiresinger says:

    My goodness this was very educational and I see how it now a dead website on line
    It alive and can be helpfully and building you Investment Business

  4. Joe Sandgathe says:

    Man, I need a website to funnel all of my leads, where people can come and hang out to see what fantastic properties and deals I’ve rounded up for them.
    Isn’t Mr. LeGrand the coolest teacher around? I certainly think so.

    • Joe Sandgathe says:

      It is great to have my buyer’s website with healthy buyers waiting for the latest home release from my seller’s website.

  5. Dianne Russum says:

    Very nice. Great job!
    Ever consider tutorials that talk. Personally, I learn better that way. Just a thought.

    • Ken Chavez says:

      I agree. The music is a nice backdrop, but I keep wanting to hear words. Also, hearing the information as well as seeing it invokes more of the senses and therefore enhances learning for most people.

  6. Laura Morrow says:

    I’m definitely going to call. Thanks Guys

  7. Ijaz Mirza says:

    VA created mine.

  8. Gerald Faunce says:

    What kind of support is available after creating the site? Is there any seo help etc.?

  9. Eilyn Alvarado says:

    Thank you! Very helpful.

  10. Nastasia Jenkins says:

    I already have a web site, but it isn’t as comprehensive as this one. Is there any way I can get help with what I already have?

  11. Ian Lemke says:

    Thanks Team Ron. I’ll start in my local market in which I’m more familiar. But, this tool will make it possible to reach any market. Thanks a MILLION!!!

  12. Alan James says:

    Is there a monthly charge as well as the $297 & $697?

  13. Alan James says:

    Is the $297 & $697 a one time charge?

    • Ric & Jane Espana says:

      They are the monthly charge and remember it comes with all the Gold Club benefits! If you’re serious about this type of business, it is well worth it! The only other charge is the VA time you purchase which is not a monthly charge. Look at the benefits for the different levels. When you’re ready to start using 20 hrs of VA service per month, then it’s best to jump to the $697 level.

  14. Bob Beavin says:

    Good overview. Hopefully the next videos will go into detail on how to customize websites.

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