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Home » Training » DREAMS Lesson 2 – Property Pipeline Overview

DREAMS Lesson 2 – Property Pipeline Overview

The following lesson video was created to show you how easy it is to manage all your potential and current deals in one convenient place. Your Property Pipeline gives you the big picture perspective on all of your investments.


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16 Responses to DREAMS Lesson 2 – Property Pipeline Overview

  1. Jeff Wiresinger says:

    This a great way to bring your Investment Business to next level

  2. Raymond Edems says:

    Who is currently using this DREAMS. I would love to see a working site. Looks so awesome

    • Ken Chavez says:

      DREAMS is indeed awesome. I’m still getting used to it, but it’s quite user-friendly and there are so many resources available right there on the site.

  3. Scott & Tobi Strickland says:


    Are you using DREAMS for the pretty house side or the ugly house side? They are coming out with alot of new updates the end of this month.

  4. Elon Floyd says:

    Dreams looks like an awesome tool, cant wait to try it out.

  5. Aaron Anderson says:

    I am loving the DREAMS system more and more every day. Just when i thing I have it all figured out, I find another fun feature!

  6. Ijaz Mirza says:

    Still new to this.

  7. Roger Bray says:

    Very good video, I must learn the whole process!!

  8. Brian Breshears says:

    Hello, can anyone help me in dreams site in leads section?

  9. David Wethy says:

    What a great way to keep orginized

  10. Aaron Anderson says:

    Regular review of these videos is critical. It is amazing how much more you learn each time you go through it.

  11. Keith Lanier says:

    The Dream system is awesome, I see that it can be improved in some areas, but Real Estate Automation 101, there is nothing like that I have seen in the market, ALL realtors should be on top of this…..this DREAMS, actually adds to your bottomline, cause autoplot, gives you more time to make deals, and let automation take care of itself. GREAT WORK, RON’S TEAM…..

  12. DAVID Weiss says:

    how do i access the dream system???? I cant find it on google.

  13. Roger Clayton says:

    Very good. Saved time…

  14. Roger Clayton says:

    Good overview.
    Is there a way to transfer a seller’s
    contact record info with all the notes, text
    messages, calls etc. directly into the
    Property Pipeline for a new Property lead?

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