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Home » Training » Gold Club How To Videos » Lesson Video – How to Set-up Your Private Lender Website

Lesson Video – How to Set-up Your Private Lender Website

This week’s lesson video shows you the step by step process to setting up your unique private lender website through your Gold Club website.  Please take a few minutes to watch this very important video.

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82 Responses to Lesson Video – How to Set-up Your Private Lender Website

  1. Katrisha Godwin says:

    I thought this was very educational video. I would love to know how to host my own mp3 so my visists would hear my voice.

    • Curtis Toombs says:

      I agree with you Katrisha, I would also like to know how to create my own personal audio… although, as cheaply as possible in my case.

      Best of Luck


    • Anthony McMillian says:

      I wholeheartedly agree also. I am so glad there was a script given. My plan is to let this be explained by Ron’s video until I have spent enough time in front of a mirror with the given script! I am so glad this has provided the knowledge necessary to be able to make this site my own!

    • Bella Chartrand says:

      Great idea, Katrisha! That would further build credibility on your part to the listener.

  2. Matthew Hell says:

    This is cool that we can set up the private lender capture page. What I really like about it is that the capture page is already done and proven to work. Along with an auto responder to tell us who went to the website and wants to lend money to us students out of our IRA’s. Pretty neat stuff!

  3. Matthew Hell says:

    We are just launching our real estate website now in about 2 weeks or so and we are going to have a tab on the header that goes right to this page.

    And again, it’s so nice that it is done already for us.

    All we have to do is read the script provided and copy it onto a cd and send it to the people who request the information.

  4. Heather Olson says:

    Thank you, Ron!

  5. Terica Cameron says:

    Good information although as he said in the beginning he does talk fast, but you can also re-listen again and again.Thanks it was very helpful!!

  6. Terica Cameron says:

    Thanks for the you tube inputs for the learning of how to find and use social media for building buyers lists. Things are more clear now, But I will see how clear they are when I make effort to implement some of these techniques, seeing how I’m not computer savvy. Nothing bets a try! These different segments are wonderful!!! Thanks

  7. Curtis Toombs says:

    Thanks, very informative video.

  8. Ron Caruthers says:

    You gotta give the man credit…..he’s got a video for everything. Literally, EVERYTHING.

  9. Court Robertson says:

    Very slick! Great to have this option!
    Thanks Ron!

  10. Dale Dudley says:

    This is very helpful instructions a good tool to have to attract private lenders i’m in the process of setting up my website thanks Ron!!!!!!!

  11. Jermon Clayborn says:

    Ditto what Dale said…

  12. Dan Garza says:

    Very informational step by step video. The fact that you can use ur own recording with provided script is genius. This gives instant credibility to your business. Website is great and easy to set up. I filled out the form with another email address to see what a potential lender would see and the autoresponders are great. Thanks Ron great resource!

  13. Sharon Lee Chapelle says:

    I followed the video directions. took only a few seconds; however when I was done and checked the site by putting in my own address phone number etc to receive a CD, I got a Thank you with a different name and phone number than what I listed as mine. This is what it said:
    Thank you!

    Your information has been received.

    I’ll get your CD and Special Report out in the mail right away!

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me. How do I fix this. I have no idea who this is

    Phone: (904) 322-7394
    Email: kathy@eaglehomebuyers.com
    Ron LeGrand

  14. Tom Holyfield says:

    Sharon, did you get it figured out?

  15. Toni Germany says:

    Please help me add various links (like $1 offer, affiliate program, gold club membership promotion, private lender) to my webpage on my website. They are not functional nor do they add my information so that I can get credit.

  16. Toni Germany says:

    Great information and a marvelous presentation. However, I need to know how to add this link to my own website. Will someone either call me or email me the instructions? Also, how do I market this website? In other words, how do I drive traffic to the website? Thanks in advance for assisting me.

  17. Richard Owen says:

    Gotta love these tools. Very Very Helpful.

  18. ANDREW HARTZEL says:

    This makes it so easy to educate someone on private lending. It took no time at all setting up, and I like how you can change the layout even after you’ve created the website. Makes it so easy to play around with it and find out what works best for you. Thanks again for providing such a great tool!

    • Dottie Wilson-Ray says:

      im glad you got it all set up. not getting enough help to set up my own. would you mind helping me?

  19. Tamika Mustafa says:

    I appreciate the informative information given.

  20. Colleen Busateri says:

    I’m really new and I hope this question doesn’t sound too stupid, but what is the purpose of this? I don’t understand. Thanks.

  21. Darren Dixie says:

    Thanks for the link elliot. Dont think i saw this video before.

  22. Bryan Davis says:

    I’ve had my website set up for about a month now and I’ve got an advertisement in the “Business Opportunities” section of the Thrifty Nickel offering a 15% secured ROI. I haven’t gotten any response from my ad so I’m considering pulling the listing and doing a mailing to a list of cash buyers that I was going to be inviting to join my buyers list anyway.

  23. John Merriweather says:

    Hi I think my last post didn’t go through. However I was wondering if I want to use the name myexample.HighReturnRate.com, do I need to register that domain name first with someone like Godaddy.com and then type it in with you guys?


  24. Karlos Taylor says:

    How do youyou find these potential lenders and how do you direct them to your website? I am brand new at this and more than just a little nervous.

  25. Greg Morris says:

    It seems like a easy setup to find private lenders.

  26. Alan Hollis says:

    How do I advertise my website to get responses

  27. Billy Cutler, Sr. Cutler Sr says:

    I am Billy Cutler,Sr. From Philadelphia,
    Pa. I have heard you mention the name of a certain letter “CYA Letter. What does it stand for, and how is it used?

  28. Christian Moore says:

    I haven’t done a ton of research but are there some pointers to improve SEO? Thanks!!

  29. Roshaunda Banks says:

    Good job Nick, I will take your suggestion and start out with the 1 page & Video Sales letter.

  30. Fabian Wilcher says:

    Hey Ron great work! At what point should you let your lending prospects think this is a limited time offer or not to get this private lending cd?

  31. Laurie Ryan says:

    What a great assist for us!!! This is on my top 4 things to do…. Have noticed that responses have been since 2013…..wish I knew you all at Global and Ron back then though am very grateful for know you all now and the Gold Club site!!!

  32. Rob McKinney says:

    Thanks for explaining how to setup the private lender website, good valuable information, that will help us be successful. This Gold Club is super informative.

  33. Orville Smith says:

    Thanks for all the helpful links. Great information!

  34. Cesar Varela says:

    This is a great video. I will set my very own private lender page up tonight. This is absolutely Awesome. Thank you to Ron & your amazing team.

  35. Dominic Gibbs Gibbs says:

    Thank you for the explanation Ron

  36. Aaron Anderson says:

    This is an amazing tool. Im looking forward to creating some private money.

  37. Marilyn Coleman says:

    .Thank you so much Ron. This was my nightmare.

    marilyn coleman

  38. Marlene Cooper says:

    This is great. Can’t wait to set mine up.

  39. Luis Arroyo says:

    Ok. I know I’m new to this, but what am I missing here? What is the purpose and/or end result in setting this up that also includes a number for them to call you? Please enlighten this beginner. If it’s just to send them a CD how does this involve or require your contact info?

  40. Carl Bice says:

    Nice Information to have, thanks

  41. Sandra Vader says:

    Thank you for making this easy to follow

  42. Eric Thompson says:

    How effective is this campaign and how do we get the CDs to ship to prospects?

  43. Theron Winsby says:

    In this day and age- why send an actual CD? why cant they just down load the audio directly to their computer?

  44. Alison Vessup says:

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation. I was able to easily set up my email. I am also interested in adding my photo to my website and other content. Is this possible?
    Thank you for your consideration!

  45. Neal Zurkowski says:

    I am telling you there must be probably 10 or 15 different ways to make money using any of Ron’s plans all I can say is thank you Ron

  46. Michele Rok says:

    Hey guys here is another video I can not access too. Please help me get access to this video

  47. Ryker Gillespie says:

    Time for my audio engineering degree to come in handy! I definitely want to record my own voice

  48. Mercedus Long says:

    Wow not only great info but the replies from everyone are helpful too. This is a great group I look forward to being able to add this as a part of my business soon

  49. Darren Garner says:

    I need help with establing a youtube channel for private lending….help

  50. Tony Pearl says:

    Hello everybody! This is Tony Pearl – the guy that did the voice for the Video Sales Letter for Ron’s Private Lending CD…which is provided here for your convenience as part of your Gold Club membership.
    Hope you like this & have success attracting private lenders to help your business grow!
    I’m also one of Ron’s mentors, so I’ve had the pleasure of working with many awesome students.
    My suggestion is to USE this stuff for your benefit.

    To your success,

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