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Home » Resources » Just For Fun » A Fun Blast from the Past

A Fun Blast from the Past

If you’re too young, enjoy a good laugh then send on to your parents. If not, then bask in the warm memories. This is exactly what we looked at in these years and oh life was so sweet back then.

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2 Responses to A Fun Blast from the Past

  1. Karen Ballantyne says:

    Love the walk down “Memory Lane”!

  2. Robert Straker says:

    Hey blast from the past,

    I remember those days, I honestly do. From the early morning shows Like “The Today Show” and “Romper Room” to the afternoon soap operas and game shows, to the local and national news shows. Then the evening shows like “The Addams Family”, “The Munsters” and of course the late evening test pattern that came on just after 1:00 am in our area.

    Too bad the new generation doesn’t understand those TV shows and the past actors who acted in them and also fought in the wars to keep our country free. Yes, the new generation has a lot of cowards, selfishness, and protesters who don’t understand what it is really like to make sacrifices for their country and the freedoms we have now.

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