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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Ever Wondered What My Favorite Exit Strategy Is?” By Ron LeGrand

“Ever Wondered What My Favorite Exit Strategy Is?” By Ron LeGrand

For a lot of years now, I’ve been selling houses that need work without doing the work, and I don’t mean wholesaling them. There’s a whole sub-culture of people who’d love to buy a home and are willing to do the work with their labor and purchase the materials at their expense while they live in the home.

If you’re selling ugly houses and spending lots of your own money to fix them up before hand, you’re very likely wasting a lot of your time and money. You could literally be doing twice the number of deals and easily making tens of thousands of dollars more in profits if you weren’t so caught up in doing the repairs.

Would you like to know how you can make a fast sale, make more money by not rehabbing, get it quicker, pay less taxes, not have to deal with contractors and keep the golden goose alive? You must learn how to use the exit strategy we call “Work for Equity” even if you’re not rehabbing houses.

My “Work For Equity” strategy works everywhere, and there are a lot of reasons why you should make it a part – a big part – of your exit strategies:

  • You don’t touch the house or spend a dime on repairs, no contractors or costly delays and nothing to fix after the sale.
  • No need to raise capital to do repairs.
  • You get almost retail price, which could easily be five times your profit from a wholesale deal.
  • There are several income streams, not just one.
  • The houses will be sold well before you even find them when you learn to build a big buyers list, which is easy and free.
  • Your profits are at least twice that of a rehab and retail for cash deal and your taxes are half.
  • It works on all the bank owned houses out there, but also on all the deals you buy subject to or with owner financing that need work. There are a lot of these.

You’ll be amazed when I show you why all the rehabbers are missing the boat and losing out on some of the easiest money in real estate. These types of deals do require you to select the best houses and the best buyers to match up. Get either of those two wrong, and work for equity will not work for you. This is the perfect solution for most subject-to deals you find that need work, but you don’t have the cash to fix.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and I’ll show you why this strategy has easily become my favorite in thirty years of buying and selling houses. I’m not talking about traditionally qualified buyers, but buyers who are willing to take your house “as is” and do the repairs themselves, thereby increasing the equity in the home. I’ll show you why cashing out isn’t a good idea, and costing you a fortune.

Join me on April 30th for a LIVE simulcast, and let me walk you through the step-by-step process using this exit strategy. You won’t believe the taxes you’ll save, not to mention the headaches of doing repairs yourself. I’ll show you real examples with side-by-side comparisons of Rehab VS. Work for Equity. And, I’ll be answering all your burning questions like:

  • What are the qualifications?
  • How does the buyer pay for repairs?
  • What if I can pay for my own repairs?
  • Who pays for Utilities?
  • How much equity will I get?
  • Who pays for insurance?
  • Who pays for taxes?
  • And A LOT More!

I’ll be on LIVE to take other questions at the end and clear up any confusion. Get Registered Now!

If you don’t believe me about this great system, then believe this student of mine! Using my step-by-step guide, in 30 days he made his money back and then some. These are the kinds of deals he would have passed on in the past, but with my guide he turned this deal into a real winner.

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7 Responses to “Ever Wondered What My Favorite Exit Strategy Is?” By Ron LeGrand

  1. Tom Holyfield says:

    I reckon I better get on that webinar. It will be a few days after QSRE in Atlanta…Rock and Roll!!

  2. Karri Lewis says:

    I need to study my work for equity course! Thanks, Ron!

  3. Tim Walker says:

    Great video testimonial from Todd Foster!
    Work for Equity is my favorite exit, too.

  4. Richard Couch says:

    What a great course..Ron you rock.

  5. Bryan Davis says:

    I used this strategy to move a beater of a house once to a wraparound buyer. It worked out… until he defaulted. Lesson learned, get a bigger down payment!

  6. Brandon Dickman says:

    Great Read!!! So true! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Chyanne Ford says:

    Very informative.

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