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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Benefits Of A Landlord Insurance Policy” by Jennifer Biggins

“Benefits Of A Landlord Insurance Policy” by Jennifer Biggins

Many people today, for various reasons, have decided to lease their property. Renting out property carries risks that must be considered. Therefore, many people that lease out property carry landlord insurance as protection. There will be circumstances that would normally not be a consideration for owners occupying their own property.

Generally, the tenants will not be well known to the owner. There really is not an accurate way to gauge whether the individuals are likely to be destructive. Subsequently, damage to the property can occur, and traditional homeowners insurance would not cover any loss. Having the right insurance policy can cover loss of income if the tenants fail to pay as well.

Additionally the renters may have visitors over and someone gets hurt, and having insurance will cover such events. However, the insurance will not cover any loss of the renter’s property. There may be natural disasters that prevent the renters from inhabiting the property. There are policies available that can cover the loss of income while the structure is being rebuilt.

Property owners may also need to hire contractors to perform work on the property. Injuries to the workers would be covered under the policy. It is important to consider the property as a business. Consequently, standard content insurance or fire protection will not cover many events when the property is classified as a business. Individuals that work for the property owners would be considered an employee.

It is important for owners to understand their policy. There is actual cash value and replacement value insurance. Actual cash value only pays what the item is worth at the time it was stolen or destroyed. For example, a television set that is 10 years old has far less value than a new one. However, replacement value means regardless of its age the item is valued at what it cost to replace at today’s prices.

Property owners may provide washers and dryers, furniture and even ceiling fans for their renters. The appliances and fixtures may be stolen or damaged as the renters abandon the property. Having the right coverage will ensure the owner is fully compensated for their loss.

Lawsuits are prevalent in today’s society thus, property owners must do what they can to protect themselves. For example, a renter decides to rewire some electrical plugs. Through no fault of the owner, the renter sustains injuries. The tenant, however, may feel it is the owners fault and brings a lawsuit against the property owner. Being well covered against liability at this point can prevent a financial disaster from occurring. Having landlords insurance is one of the more critical necessities of leasing property.

Pipes can burst at any time; the furnace may fail in the middle of the night. Owners can become overwhelmed financially without insurance. The renters may have paid on time and never posed any trouble. The owner may not have ever had a reason to enter the premises until after the renters had left. Owners may have assumed everything is okay. However, the property may very well be in shambles. This is where landlords insurance reveals its true value.

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3 Responses to “Benefits Of A Landlord Insurance Policy” by Jennifer Biggins

  1. Brandon Dickman says:

    1st Reply!!!! Insurance is one thing that you pay for and hope to never have to use.

  2. Nancy Shah says:

    Guess I need to review my coverage, thanks.

  3. Cholpon Yoder says:

    can provide name and phone # for Chuck that Ron mentioned several times

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