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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “On the Road Again…” by Nicky Bialik

“On the Road Again…” by Nicky Bialik

On the road again…………………………………….


Did you know that the state flower of Texas is the Bluebonnet? The state tree is Pecan? State bird is a Mockingbird? The state dish is Chili and the state Folk Dance is a Square Dance? Since Ron and I have been to Texas 4 times in the last six weeks. I learned all these facts about the Lone Star State.

To be exact we’ve been to Houston all four times, which, by the way, is the largest city with over 6 Million inhabitants. We went to the Lifestyles Expo, Ron did a one day seminar, he spoke to the RICH CLUB (what a great group), and last but not least we did our Quick Start Real Estate School four day training in March.

So, having said that, I have been asked again to provide you all with a behind the scenes look at our events specifically about the Quick Start Real Estate School.

Ron begins with the 5 Steps To Success and proceeds to locating prospects, prescreening, constructing and presenting offers and much more. Throughout his teaching, Lynette is briskly running in and out of the meeting room with students calling sellers per the property lead sheets, every now and then politely interrupting Ron to share a particularly solid deal with the student in tow. Just so I can include some statistics, we had 218 Lead sheets brought to class. Out of those, 34 said “yes they would consider taking monthly payments,” 37 said “yes to a Lease Purchase,” 6 said they would sell for the amount owed, 47 Lead sheets were incomplete and 97 said “No” to all of the above. When it was all said and done – we ended up with 32 pre-negotiated deals!!!

Live Seller calls, scripts, locating Ugly Houses, estimating repairs, more prescreening, more structuring deals, selling, agreements and the instruction just goes on and on.

Actually, the above facts about the Quick Start training pretty much happen where ever we go. Just like Ron says, “it can be done in your city.”

Each time I’m at an event something stands out to me from the experience; this time is was the value of the Global Publishing Team present during the event.

Brian and Lynette Wolff, contributing their knowledge and enthusiasm, Jay and Carol Joy Conner spreading their Southern sincerity, Scott, patiently working with you all on deals, Vicki Sessions, my newest addition, bringing her vast experience and love for what Ron teaches and, of course, I must include the Guru himself, Ron LeGrand.

What really hit me was when we were all at dinner at Pappadeaux’s sitting around the table. There was Brian, Lynette and I taking bets on if Jay will say “Oh my lands” or “Oh my word” when he takes his first bite, Scott and I arguing over who will have the best Marathon time, Vicki and Ron sitting next to each other re-kindling their Father/Daughter “on the road” relationship. I thought to myself, Wow, we really are more than just “co-workers,” we might actually like each other.

You see, we can’t successfully put on an event without the TEAM behind the scenes. The better we work together, the better the training will be.

As we are cleaning up the event, Vicki busy packing cords, Jay and Carol Joy asking me what they can do to help, I realized there’s no I in TEAM…………….

I would suggest you come to a Quick Start if you haven’t been before and if so, come back.

I’d love for you to meet the TEAM……

See you around,


Make sure to check out our next Quick Start Real Estate School!

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3 Responses to “On the Road Again…” by Nicky Bialik

  1. Jim Rauber says:

    Great article Nicky

  2. Tom Holyfield says:

    Licking my chops to be in Atlanta, and meeting you all!!

  3. Mark Schmale says:

    Reminds me of the dinner we had together in Seattle! I’m pretty sure Jay said “oh my lands” a few times at that dinner! You do a great job running the events, Nicky, no matter what Ron says about you! 🙂

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