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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “The Gap” by Ron LeGrand

“The Gap” by Ron LeGrand

Recently I was reading an article written by Noah St. John published by Mary Ellen Tribby in her WorkingMomsOnly.com newsletter. Noah talked about the gap between your Current Perceived Reality (CPR) and your New Desired Reality (NDR). His discussion was about what it takes to get from your CPR to your NDR which is the only thing stopping you from growing your business or making your business a success or in fact many of the personal achievements you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

Noah’s prescription to bridge that gap is divided in to four ways to do it and they are:

  1. Use afformations (which he calls “empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive”)
  2. Ask yourself what you really want
  3. Challenge your assumptions
  4. Take out your head trash

Although I agree with the process he described, I disagree that doing those things will help one go from where they’re at to where they want to be by simply playing head games with themselves and trying to accomplish it all inside one’s brain.

Looking back on my own life and after teaching for the last 26 years and working with people from all walks of life and lifestyles and ages and vocations; I believe the biggest thing keeping people from succeeding in low self-esteem. They don’t believe in themselves enough to allow the belief that it can happen, but spend their lives wishing and hoping. Hope has never been and never will be a business strategy. I think the cure for self-esteem is a series of small successes. Oh yes, we’d all love to believe that we can stand on a chair and look in a mirror and listen to Tony Robbin’s tapes and wake up one day and magically, we’re there. However, we can listen ‘til our ears bleed, and wish and hope until we run out of things to hope for, but we’re never going to get there unless we take action. That ugly word, action. Action is either caused or prevented by the belief that it will result in a positive outcome.

The problem is when people try to go from the gutter to the penthouse and bypass the elevator. Success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s not one big thing, and it’s not one big deal. You don’t go to bed broke one day and wake up rich the next day, unless of course you buy a lottery ticket. And even then I’ve never seen anybody win the lottery who first didn’t take the action to buy the ticket.

So, what’s the answer, you say? Well, start with small successes. In real estate, that’s deals that produce small checks, deals that don’t suck up all your time, money and resources to get done yet don’t make you very wealthy after they’re finished. I’d much rather see my students get a check for $2,000-$3,000 then get no check at all because soon those checks get larger and larger and more frequent and easier to get, but if we sit around and wait for everything to be perfect before we take action, we’re not going to get any of those checks.

Next thing you know, we’re off doing stupid stuff that has nothing to do with the reality of getting the check, nor the training that one has received. Yet, makes one feel busy and like they’re doing the right thing when in reality they are stalling and trying to convince themselves that what they’re doing is going to get them that check. Entrepreneurs like to be busy and don’t find it very hard to stay that way, however, busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive. If you want to get from your CPR (Current Perceived Reality) to your NDR (New Desired Reality) you must stay focused on the things that will get you there, not all of the other little things that simply fill up a day.

In real estate there are five steps to your success in buying a property and the same five steps to your success in selling a property.

  1. Locating prospects
  2. Prescreening prospects
  3. Construct and present offers
  4. Follow up
  5. Close quickly

Anything you do that doesn’t fall in to one of those five steps is likely a waste of our time. The minutes you take your eye off of those steps, things start to bottle neck, nothing gets done, no checks arrive and the days go by and nothing seems to change except you get busier but less productive. Of course, all of this is easier to say and a whole lot harder to do. Honestly, most people go their entire lives and never really become that productive. If you don’t want to be one of them, you must learn how to control the actions you take and direct your energy to produce the best results with the least amount of work.

This is what we discuss heavily in my Business Management Boot Camp Coming up pretty soon. I strongly suggest you make an effort to get in to it. Many people have said that without it they would have probably been bankrupt within the next several months. It’s all about the business of running a business. Of course, we discuss the real estate business, but it’s really about running any business. I find it harder to help folks learn how to run a business then I do to teach them how to buy and sell real estate. If you want to close the gap you should have a list of exactly what’s going to be required to make that happen and then systematically knock out that list day by day until there is no gap. Oh yes, it’s okay, you can listen to Tony along the way, but Tony’s not going to get the gap closed for you.

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