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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business… And Do It PART-TIME” by Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss

“Turn Your Passion Into A 6-Figure Online Business… And Do It PART-TIME” by Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss

What if we told you it’s possible to build a 100% automated online business based on a topic you’re passionate about? And what if we also told you it’s possible for this business to generate up to 6-Figures per year for you part-time?

To be clear, there’s an underground movement taking place at this very moment in history. This movement is allowing average, every-day people just like you to transform their financial lives within a matter of weeks and months rather than years. Sound far-fetched?

The movement we’re talking about allowed a broke and laid-off IT professional to replace his previous corporate income within 3 short months. This same movement also allowed a former school music teacher to generate exactly $12,370.80 in his first 59 days online – which quadrupled his previous teaching salary.

Most importantly, this movement has allowed countless honest and hard-working folks to finally create the life and income they desire while doing something they are passionate about – and do so with only part-time hours invested.

Oh, by the way. The former IT professional mentioned above? That’s me, Jeff Vacek.  The former school music teacher? That’s me, Ken Preuss. We’re both normal, every-day guys with wives and families who have literally transformed our lives through the new online frontier:

Information Marketing

Before we share the core steps of Information Marketing, let’s be clear about something.

The selling of information is obviously not a new concept. Newspapers, books, CD’s, DVD’s, infomercials… information-based media like these have been in existence for many years. And with our consumption-driven behavior this won’t change any time soon.

However, old models are disappearing and new models are stepping in to replace them. Business visionary Seth Godin talks about this a lot. Outdated institutional advertising models are dying and getting replaced by a new set of behaviors centered around one core medium: the Internet.

And the number one consumable that people are looking for on a daily basis, and more importantly paying for in droves, is… you guessed it…


Assuming you may never have considered offering any type of Information on the internet, let’s dig into a few key reasons why this massive part-time income stream is literally waiting for you to tap into it:

Information is 100% Consumable. Newspapers, Books, Websites, Blogs, etc… the list is endless. People consume information daily and they naturally want to get a ton more of it (especially when you match the right information with a buying audience).

Information is in Constant and High Demand. The stunning growth of the internet is the single greatest proof of this. In fact, the demand for accessible and relevant information is constantly growing. (Hint: Google’s entire business model is based on this demand)

Information is Cheap and EASY to Create. Of any kind of product you could possibly sell, information is by far the cheapest and easiest to create. Our students frequently create information products within a few days – and many within a few hours.

“Jeff and Ken, how would I even get started with Information Marketing?”

Great question. Here’s a specific, real-life example of the power of part-time Information Marketing starting completely from scratch.

In the June of 2004 I (Ken) found myself virtually broke. I owned a seasonal local business that operated September through May, so no revenue was coming in over the summer. I also had an active real estate license but had no closings lined up.

Bottom line: If I was going to be able to pay my bills and feed my family, I had to do something big. And I had to do it fast.

After spending a few days brainstorming ideas, I realized almost every idea I had listed would not be able to make much of a financial dent.

The question was: what did I already possess that people wanted that I could sell a lot of?

Then it hit me like a bag of bricks: I had some knowledge I could sell!

Being a licensed real estate agent and already having closed some investment deals, I had experience to share with people who were starting out in real estate.

Was I the most qualified person in the world to teach on the subject? Heck no!

But if you put me in front of a group of new real estate investors, I knew I could give them some sound and practical advice that would help them get further down the path. (Hint: that’s all most people want!)

Fortunately for me I didn’t have the luxury of time to ponder it, otherwise I probably would never have done a darn thing. I had to make something happen fast so I jumped in with both feet.

Something extremely important to note at this point….

Instead of continuing to be a follower in the real estate industry (subscribing to websites and newsletters, buying courses, etc.) at that moment I officially chose to nominate myself as a leader in the industry.

This simple choice of becoming a leader vs. a follower is critical and will have HUGE implications for you and your bank account.

The result of me (Ken) making the simple choice to be a leader rather than a follower? Through some specific online traffic strategies, I gathered a small list of exactly 91 subscribers who were interested in getting started in real estate and were hungry for some sound tips and advice. (By most standards 91 people is a ridiculously small list – almost laughably small.)

  • I wrote an outline for a simple 4-week online training program that would give them the fundamentals for investing in real estate. (Hint: a lot of my outline came with the help of courses I previously purchased that were on my shelf or hard drive… in other words, reframing information I already owned)
  • With my back completely against a wall I had to be gutsy, so instead of selling my online training program for $37 or $67 or $97, I chose to sell it for $395.00
  • Not knowing at all what I was doing, I threw together an online sales page to sell my training program using another sales page as my guide… I was clueless but I kept my head down and continued moving forward
  • I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer, then pressed a single button and sent an e-mail to all 91 subscribers letting them know my real estate training program was ready for them to join

The result? Exactly 59 days after choosing to lead instead of follow, I generated exactly $12,370.80 in orders (after credit card fees were taken out). Every penny of this got automatically deposited directly into my bank account within 48 hours.

Needless to say, at that moment I was totally hooked on Information Marketing.

Alright, Jeff here. A few important things to keep in mind about what Ken just shared with you:

  • Ken wasn’t a real estate “expert” per se, but to them he was simply because he chose to lead instead of follow (very important)
  • Ken knew absolutely NOTHING about Information or Internet Marketing prior to starting out
  • Ken had NO idea what I was doing… all he had was a commitment to helping people (you have that, right? J)
  • All the steps Ken listed above were completed part-time (no more than 3-5 hours per week)

So the question for you to consider is this:

What’s possible for YOU and your bank account by making the simple choice to lead a certain customer type and help them get the knowledge and information they desperately want and are willing to pay for?

You see, when done correctly using the principles practiced exclusively by 6 and 7 figure marketers Information Marketing…

Allows you to choose a topic and a customer you’re truly passionate about serving in some way

  • Allows you to get in front of a specific segment of that customer group (very important) that is already spending hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars per year on Information relating to their specific want or need
  • Allows you to quickly and easily create high-quality Information that these specific customers already want (NO guesswork)
  • Allows you to effectively tap into already-existing Internet traffic streams to find these specific customers (who already have money in hand)
  • Allows you to do ALL of the above while creating a business you’re proud of and a huge financial legacy that lasts

Information Marketing represents an opportunity for you to not only begin generating a substantial short-term income within a matter of weeks, it also represents how you will finally create the consistent and long-term financial freedom you’ve been seeking.

Want to Learn More? Join Ron for his four-day training event, Information and Internet Marketing Boot Camp. Find out more about it here.

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  1. Amy Ellis says:

    Great Points! Can’t wait for your Information Marketing Bootcamp in September!

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