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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2014-08-22

Ask Ron 2014-08-22

Hey there!

Ron’s got answers on buyer applications, subleasing and a bunch of other topics in our weekly Q&A sesson, Ask Ron. Tune in to get the answer to your question, or you can learn from questions others are asking.

If you’ve got a question for Ron, make sure you’re submitting them through the Gold Club forums.

Have you registered for the Summit yet? Head over to RES2014.com and check it out!

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5 Responses to Ask Ron 2014-08-22

  1. Paul White says:

    Ron, I believe I have this correct, but when I was at the seminar, with John Jackson,(that was the seminar through you guys), John told us that we couldn’t sublease in Texas, if there was a option to purchase attached to it.
    Are you aware of this?
    Paul White.

  2. Chris Prefontaine says:

    I never “break any news” – I get a new lease agreement with a higher price and assign it back to seller like Ron mentions and their full deposit is credited

  3. Tom Holyfield says:

    guees that works

  4. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent information again Ron……What a wonderful site…….everything one would need to succeed!

  5. Shay Lance says:

    Awesome info, Tx

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