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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2014-09-26

Ask Ron 2014-09-26

This week’s Ask Ron is packed with interesting questions! A student in Canada wrote in with some questions to Ron, and it’s interesting to see the differences in our business once you cross the border. This week’s video also includes questions on Dodd-Frank, attorneys and much, much more!

Gold Club members, make sure you’re submitting your questions to Ron through the Ask Ron forum available on your Gold Club site. What can Ron answer for you?

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7 Responses to Ask Ron 2014-09-26

  1. Darren Dixie says:

    I like how Ron speaks very direct. He gets right to the point. Thanks Ron.

  2. Marie Burnham says:

    You’re right Guys… I DO worry too much! 🙂 Thanks for the answers!

  3. Tom Holyfield says:

    next week!!

  4. Ron Caruthers says:

    Great answers, as always.

    Bottom line with Dodd-Frank is what Ron has repeatedly said: Until there is case law, no one really know. But, if you don’t do anymore than 3 seller financing deals per entity, it doesn’t matter, because you’re exempt.

  5. Shay Lance says:

    Great info and clarification on Dodd Frank. Thanks!

  6. Aaron Powell says:

    Love how the Dodd Frank Cards are being shuffled and sorted slowly and slowly in these Ask Ron Sessions.

  7. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent Ron always straight and to the point. Great to learn from the Master.

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