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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2014-11-14

Ask Ron 2014-11-14

Join Ron as he discusses approaching overleveraged homes and what you can do if using a Land Trust isn’t an option in your state! We’re also covering some questions a lot of people have but are too afraid to ask. Do you know if you need the real deed to a house or just a copy? Are the Title and the Deed the same thing? Watch this week’s video and find out!

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3 Responses to Ask Ron 2014-11-14

  1. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent Ron stay in and keep collecting those golden eggs………….

  2. Paul Brennan says:

    I Like Those Golden Egg’s

  3. Theomar Milford says:

    Regarding the question on the Over leveraged property around 3:35. How would you respond if the seller is also behind in their payment 3 – 4 months and in pre-foreclosure?

    It would seem to me that I wouldn’t want to catch up payments on a house I lease optioned and didn’t take Subject To?

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