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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2014-12-26

Ask Ron 2014-12-26

Ron lost his voice calling sellers for your lesson video, but that didn’t stop him from answering your questions! This week, Ron’s covering wraparound mortgages, targeting high-end homeowners and more.

A Gold Club member wrote in asking Ron if he targeted high-end homeowners differently than regular sellers. Will Craigslist ads really work on seven-figure homes? Ron’s answer is this: watch and find out!

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9 Responses to Ask Ron 2014-12-26

  1. Bryan Davis says:

    That point on lender’s wanting to see the incoming payment to cover the underlying loan is critical. You should know your sellers’ motivations and future plans so you can be sure that your offer is going to work as well for them later as it does now.

  2. Darren Dixie says:

    great stuff ron. the wrap info was timely. i have a follow call with a seller who might consider it

  3. Martin Bail says:

    How do we get the details for the webinar on Jan. 6th?

  4. Amy Ellis says:

    Great info Ron! Good points about the advantage of a wrap vs. subject to.

  5. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent…Ron and Elliot…God Bless the Gold Club Team…Looking for a great New Year!

  6. Shay Lance Lance says:

    Great info on clarifying wraps & subj to benefits. TX

  7. Joyce Cypert says:

    Thanks for clarifying the advantages for the seller on the wrap.

  8. Kwang Ko says:

    What other owner financings are there?

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