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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2015-11-06

Ask Ron 2015-11-06

In this week’s edition of Ask Ron, Ron answers our Gold Club members’ questions regarding pre-screening leads, Dodd-Frank exemptions, option deposits and more!

Still have a question for Ron? Submit it to our Ask Ron forum!

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6 Responses to Ask Ron 2015-11-06

  1. Billy Sims says:

    Hi Ron, we will see you on the 14h of Nov. in Atlanta. Are we getting scripts sent to help us to talk to sellers other than the scripts on the lead sheets? In other words, something to help us handle objections. ie they don’t want to give all the information we ask for. Thanks, Billy in Georgia

  2. Tony Pearl says:

    Love it! Great stuff, as always, from Papa.
    Ron looks extremely happy here as he wisely answers these questions… and who can blame him? He’s surrounded by several lovely ladies – No wonder he’s smiling so much!

  3. Darren Dixie says:

    great info. I signed up for the Atlanta event.

  4. Henry Bourne says:

    Will more information be coming out on your lead generation service? I’ve activated mine and forward the emails to my VA but I haven’t had a change to analyze what’s in the emails. How are they different from other FSBO websites? Will I ever be able to refine the search by more than just county? See the way http://www.revestor.com/ is setup.

  5. Dorran White says:

    Hi Ron thanks so much for the tips I do need the training without a doubt. However got get a deal to pay for the training and a boot camp and all the others I want to get involved with under your training. I plan to see you at one of your training events soon.

  6. Shay Lance says:

    Thanks RG. Great info as always

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