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Home » Resources » Jay Conner Interviews Ron LeGrand and Wallace Conner

Jay Conner Interviews Ron LeGrand and Wallace Conner

Last week Ron sat down with Jay Conner, Wallace J. Conner (Jay’s Dad) and Jay’s beautiful wife, Carol Joy. Listen in as Jay’s Dad discusses his desire to keep on “working” even though he just turned 86 on Christmas Day. Believe it or not, he’s in the middle of development of a 350 lot subdivision.

The conversation is a unique glimpse into the minds of these extraordinary men who love what they do and age bears no limit on how far they’ll go! And, let us not forget Carol Joy, the force and grace behind the scenes who takes care of all the details that make the machine what it is today!

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8 Responses to Jay Conner Interviews Ron LeGrand and Wallace Conner

  1. Deslene Jeffers-Dowdy says:

    Awesome! Thank you both.

  2. Hani Ghali says:

    great video. thanks

  3. Orilee Duncanson says:

    Hey guys, thank you for sharing couple of your tips that’s helped you to become very successful;inspirational and impactful video. Mr. Wallace J Conner, I never would have guessed your age! WOW!

  4. Diane Farrow says:

    “Truly love what they do!” This focus and fun came thru powerfully in this unique look into what makes the great leaders and teams. Thank you.

  5. Allia Grove says:

    Love this! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Starla Mitchell says:

    I am 55 so it is good to know I am not too late to start with this investing. I just wish I had opened my eyes sooner and found this years ago.

  7. Fernando Diaz says:


  8. Michael Lamothe says:

    The legend himself “Ron Legrand” Building a sub-division at that age is impressive.

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