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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » “Just How Does All This !@#$ Fit Together?” by Nicholas Kouvatsos

“Just How Does All This !@#$ Fit Together?” by Nicholas Kouvatsos

Automation is a beautiful thing. Especially when it comes to your business. It frees you up to focus on what’s important…Making Decisions.

Ron LeGrand, through a lot of trial and error, through a lot of spending money trying to figure out which systems work and which don’t, and even through hiring a development team to custom build software when he couldn’t find any that worked to his liking, has put together a set of systems that aligns perfectly with his teaching and his five steps to success.

But it can be overwhelming. When do I use PATLive? When do I use DREAMS? What’s CallFire for?

I’d like to thank Gold Club member, Hugh Beasley, for asking us to lay it all out, step by step, so he could have a better understanding of just how all this !@#$ fits together.

If you’ve been trained by Ron, you should know his five steps to success (in any business, not just real estate).

  • Locate Prospects
  • Prescreen Prospects
  • Construct and Present Offers
  • Follow Up
  • Close Quickly

I’m going to apply these five steps first to the buying side of the business, and then to the selling side, along the way telling you exactly how each can be automated and by which system or resource.

The main hub of automation is our DREAMS system. DREAMS stands for Digital Real Estate Automation Management Solutions. And that’s exactly what it does. It digitally links all of the automation systems and resources you’ll be using so you only have to log in one place to manage all of your properties, your buyers, your sellers, your websites, your landing pages, your comps, your contracts, your VAs, your tasks, your calendar, your field agents, your flyers…everything involved in a deal from beginning to end.

Okay, let’s begin…again, we’ll be applying automation in the order of Ron’s five steps to success.

  • Locate Prospects – As a Gold Club member, you receive leads sent to you daily. You review those and forward them to you VA to call. VA’s call leads for you. They enter all lead information into the DREAMS system. This is your sellers list.VA’s will also source new leads from various websites for you and then call those leads. Again, all the information is entered directly into your DREAMS system.

    You also have a fully functional seller site that has been set up for you and running through the DREAMS system. Anyone who fills out their information on the sellers site is automatically entered into your sellers list, and your VA can call them to get the property information sheet filled out. The seller is also automatically put into an autoresponder series that constantly reinforces why they should come to you if they want to sell their house. (I jumped ahead a bit here, because this is actually the Follow Up step below that is automatically being handled for you.)

    You also have a field agent system set up for you so that you can pay people to go around town and snap pictures of signs in front of FSBOs. The system trains them and handles all the property submissions for you. You’re notified when a new property is submitted, and you can accept it or reject it. If you accept it, it gets put into your property pipeline with the rest of the properties so that a VA can call it and get the property information sheet filled out.

    You should get more leads than you can handle from these few sources, but if it’s still not enough, you can use a service like Yellow Letter Lady to send out yellow letters for you. This service handles list selection, design, printing, and mailing for you…and they know exactly how Ron likes the letters to be mailed, so there is no work for you to do. The yellow letters would drive sellers to PATLive to take the call live any time. PATLive can provide leads to you one at a time or in a list each day or week or whatever interval you specify. You can forward those to your VA to enter or import into your DREAMS system. Then, of course, they’re called by your VA to get the property information sheet completed.

  • Prescreen Prospects – All of your leads are in the DREAMS system. You just open up your property pipeline to find them, and then you evaluate.The system pulls comps for you based on recent sales, helps you determine ARV (After Repaired Value), MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer), estimate repairs (if any), show you exit strategies, etc. to determine if it’s a suspect or a prospect.

    All of this is done automatically, but is also completely customizable. You can adjust the formula used to calculate MAO. You can choose which comps you want to use and which ones you don’t. You can even import your own comps if you choose so they can be used in the automatic calculations.

  • Construct & Present Offers – After you’ve prescreened your prospects, you’re left just with those you’re ready to make offers on (of course, the way we make offers is have the seller make an offer to us), so you call up the remaining prospects, with all the numbers right in front of you, and if you hear numbers that meet your criteria, you accept the deal, set an appointment to get a contract signed, and go get it.
  • Follow-up – Probably the most automated part of the system…every aspect of follow up is automated for you by DREAMS and your VA.When a new seller comes into the system, all of the follow up is automated. Whether they’re a distressed seller, a seller going through a divorce, probate, a free and clear seller, whatever…there is an autoresponder series already built and already connected to your DREAMS system that will send them all the follow up pieces on a schedule.

    Additionally, if a VA is reaching out to sellers, follow up calls (if necessary) are automatically scheduled so no one ever falls through the cracks. Tasks can also manually be created if a seller asks you to follow up with them in 2 months, you can set a follow up tasks for 2 months out.

    Every note you ever make on the seller is attached to their contact record. Every document they sign or submit is attached to their contact record. Pictures of the house, everything right at your fingertips.

  • Close Quickly – DREAMS keeps you on schedule, so when it’s time to close, you’re ready.With built-in checklists for each type of deal that are customized by you, you’ll never miss a critical step.

    With a calendar keeping you organized, you’ll never forget an appointment or a call.

    And once you get the deal closed, you’ll store all of your paperwork right on the property record so it’s immediately available.

That’s all for buying houses from sellers. Now the same five steps are applied to selling houses to buyers…

  • Locate Prospects – Once you have the house under contract, normally you’d have to compile all the information, get all the pictures of the properties, go into your website management system and post a new listing, upload the photos, type in all of the features, etc.Then, after you do that, you need to go to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and all those other real estate websites and create a new listing on each of those and upload all your photos to each of those and create new descriptions for each of those.


    Most of this information is already in your system from when the VA got all of it from the seller. So, all you have to do is go back to your property pipeline, open up the property, and literally click one button, and the property is posted on your DREAMS buyer site.Click one more button, and you have a single-property website you can put on flyers and craigslist ads, etc.

    And remember those real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc…again, just click one button, and your property is syndicated out to all of those sites.

    Oh, and the flyers I just mentioned…those are automatically created for you at the push of a button. You just open them up and print them.

    And, of course, you can have your VA push all these buttons for you if you want, as they are trained on the DREAMS system.

    Now, the purpose of getting your property out to all of these places is primarily to get it sold, but while that’s happening, everyone is being directed either to your buyer website (already created in the DREAMS system and fully functional), or to your AMP (Automated Message Pro) system (managed in the DREAMS system), or to your Call Fire IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) created by us for you, all to collect information from your buyers and build your buyers list, which is managed in your DREAMS system.

    So, when you get that new property under contract, in addition to all the places it’s put up and out there listed above, you can also, with just a few clicks, e-mail the property out to your buyers list.

  • Prescreen Prospects – Each point a buyer can come into your system, whether from the done-for-you website, the IVR, the AMP system, asks them point blank how much they can afford to put down on a house, and how much they can afford to pay per month.These are your 2 main criteria for pre-screening prospects to buy your house. If they don’t meet those qualification, then the 3rd criterion that would get them past the prescreen is if they have good credit so they can go qualify at a bank for your house.

    If they meet any of these criteria, and they like your house, you move onto the next step…close quickly.

    If they don’t meet those criteria yet, they get dropped into a follow-up sequence to keep them out on your buyers list working to repair their credit or save up enough for a down payment until they’re ready to buy from you. Sorry about that…I jumped ahead to follow up again…I just get so excited about this system!

  • Construct and Present Offers – Again, just like with sellers, we let them construct and present offers to us.Yes, we have some minimums in our head that DREAMS helps us set with the profit analysis built in, but we don’t share those minimums.

    Yes, we may set the asking price, but we never name the down payment or the monthly.

    And again, just like with selling, all the information is at your fingertips to quickly be able to accept or reject the buyers’ offers.

  • Follow-up – Once again, all follow-up is automated.If a buyer gets into your system and they either don’t yet qualify or maybe you just don’t have a house they’re interested in yet, they get put into follow up sequences to constantly touch them until they are ready.

    And every time you get a new house for sale, they’re notified when you or your VA blasts the property out to the buyers list.

    If you have accepted an offer from a buyer, then again, you have all the same scheduling tools for buyers as you do for sellers right at your fingertips so every step of the process to getting it closed is there for you.

  • Close Quickly – I sound like a broken record here, but again, you have the same tools as you do for sellers available here.DREAMS keeps you on schedule, so when it’s time to close, you’re ready.

    With built-in checklists for each type of deal that are customized by you, you’ll never miss a critical step.

    With a calendar keeping you organized, you’ll never forget an appointment or a call.And once you get the deal closed, you’ll store all of your paperwork right on the property record so it’s immediately available whenever you need it.

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34 Responses to “Just How Does All This !@#$ Fit Together?” by Nicholas Kouvatsos

  1. Sam Matyas says:


  2. Phillip Warrick says:

    Sounds great

  3. Gregory Rhodes says:

    This was a very informative and easy to understand article about an amazing system.

  4. Josh Roddy says:

    Awesome stuff

    • Bradley & Karen Trunnell says:

      Thanks so very much. We were trying to figure out how to connect all the dots and you did a beautiful job of it. Thanks, again!

  5. Vincent Diresta says:

    So at the 297.00 level is there a minimum VA and IVR time included?

    • Brandon Kelly says:

      The VA costs .35 cents a min. And has a $500 set up fee. The $700 value is the best bet if you want a VA along with the other features.

  6. Henry Bourne says:

    This still doesn’t explain how the Callfire and Constant Contact accounts that were set up before DREAMS existed are transferred over and integrated. Is that information in one of the tutorial videos?

  7. Tim King says:

    Great explanation. Thank you.

  8. Chris Cannon says:

    Love it! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Can’t wait to speak to a representative on Monday.

  9. Roger Bray says:

    I am new, and I did exactly what Ron said to do. Join Gold Club, I did, get mentor, I did,get VA, I did, Things are moving fast less than a week 2 hot leads. I just have to keep reinforcing myself, reading listening, repetition, repetition, repetition

    • Eddie McGay says:

      Hello Nicholas: Well written artice which answered some of my questions…..will reread to fully understand……the Dreams system….Eddie McGay

  10. Joe Valanzuolo says:

    Where can we see a working demo site?

  11. Laurie Ryan says:

    The Implementation Days is the best way to really grasp Dreams. All the key players in Ron’s organization are gathered together and centered around you to learn, set up necessary things, as well as answer questions of any all parts of Dreams.. It’s worth attending, no matter what level you are with Dreams, computers.. !

  12. Roger Bray says:

    Great Stuff

  13. Jody Dennis says:

    Well, this is all great! How much VA time does it take to get it all set up and running on automatic?

  14. Jermon Clayborn says:

    Wow this is a great write-up on the Dreams system in it’s simplest form.

  15. Keith Lanier says:

    This is a great system, for Real Estate Automation, for the folks reading this, I hit the Multimillion status in Real Estate, I DID EVERYTHING THE WRONG WAY, and succeeded, but what RON is teaching right now, and how to use Technology implementation in his system, he should be charging $10,000 a month, learn it, and be LIKE NIKE JUST DO IT….while is last!

  16. Matt Burton says:

    If all Ron’s contracts were integrated it would be awesome. Select the type of deal you’re doing, fill in some blanks, and your contract is generated automatically. You could then email to seller or print it out and you’re ready to go! Wheres a students site we can check out?

  17. Pam Clark says:

    Great article.

  18. Anders Karlsson says:


  19. Jerry Ladd says:

    Nicholas: WOW, thanks for such a clear, organized, simple explanation of what Dreams can do and how it all works together for us. Sounds like a fantastic system which will keep all of our busy schedules organized, so we have little else to do but make decisions and money. Thanks Ron for providing such a remarkable tool.

  20. Mark Hershberger says:

    This is a great marketing tool. I am still just in the beginning stages of the VA World and to do my first property. My Mentor is walking me through the steps toward my first deal but am excited for all the great tools in Dreams!

  21. Jerry Ladd says:

    Thanks so much, Nicholas. Very well written and clear enough for even me to understand. Sounds like a fantastic system, which I must have. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  22. Michael Adams says:

    Who is currently using this program?

  23. Philip Hewett says:

    me, but considering dropping dreams. It just is not helping move deals to close and not one buyer or seller has looked at it. Social media sites and text blasts appear to be the way to go.

  24. Jamel Sebbern says:

    so where can a get an in depth dreams implementation

  25. Bob Beavin says:

    Great 50,000 foot overview of the process. It is helpful to have this information handy in one place.

  26. Marlon Cousin says:

    This is a great overview of the DREAMS (almost completely done for you…just click a couple of buttons) system. I really like the simplicity of everything being in one place and not having to go from platform to platform.

  27. Brian Benedict says:

    How do you change contact information on automation?

  28. Deborah Lester says:

    Thank you for this. I understand it better now.


  29. Max Hernandez says:

    This $#!7 Is Awesome! I Need To Set Up D.R.E.A.M.S. ASAP!

  30. Devon Severs says:

    Great article, wish I saw it from Day 1!

  31. Tony and Angie Stewart says:

    Awesome explanation! Thanks for putting it together!

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