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Home » Resources » Planet Ron » My Brother Ron – David LeGrand

My Brother Ron – David LeGrand

Ron celebrated his 75th birthday last week, and his brother David wrote a special tribute to Ron. Read it below!

My Brother Ron

by David LeGrand

When you are considering a house or land

     The name you recall is Ron LeGrand,

Because he’s the one who furnished the means

     For thousands of folks to fulfill their dreams.

When he was made God threw away the mold

     For few like him would be so bold.

Some would dare to call him brash,

     But that soon changes when they get the cash.

When Ron speaks people listen

     Afraid of what they might be missin.

His frankness is very shocking

     But his genuine concern is quite compelling.

He comes across as very tough

     And treats some folks a little rough.

But inside that tough exterior

     Is a heart full of love superior.

His knowledge is enlightening, his experience enriching,

     His energy electrifying, his example edifying.

He loves the thrill of the chase

     Always flying off to another place.

He has to keep up the pace

     So you and I can win the race.

To some he is a Guru,

     To some he is a Mentor,

Some call him something other

     But I am proud to call him BROTHER!

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5 Responses to My Brother Ron – David LeGrand

  1. Tina Emmons says:

    LOVE IT!!! A true story!

  2. Barbara Cockrell says:

    Nice tribute brother!

  3. Elliot & Graciela Janes says:

    I Love It! Happy Birthday Ron!

  4. Samuel Peters says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more David, it takes a special bond to have a brother in your life that brings out the best in you as you do in him may the Lord above continue to bless your entire family always as the years go by filled with the potential you bring to us all, we’re with you stay blessed!!!!!

  5. Michael Cellini says:


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