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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2014-10-31

Ask Ron 2014-10-31

Ron’s back this week to answer your questions on agreements, haunted houses and more! Specifically, Ron’s covering the Agreement for Deed and whether or not it works on seller financing deals. Want to know if it does? Watch the video and find out!

Still have a question? Submit it to Ron through the Ask Ron forum!

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12 Responses to Ask Ron 2014-10-31

  1. Darren Dixie says:

    i love these videos. they are so helpful. I normally them more than once.

  2. Tom Holyfield says:

    trick or treat

  3. Paul Brennan says:

    Why Didn’t I Think Of That!

  4. Paul Brennan says:

    What is,Well I want to know are the Tittle &
    DEED The Same Thing?

  5. Ron Caruthers says:

    Always enjoy the lessons. Learn something every week.

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

  6. Richard Couch says:

    ExSELLent always no matter where the man is Ron is always giving great information………

  7. Paul Brennan says:

    Where Is The Proof Of Funds Letter Found?It’s Not Where It Was?

  8. Paul Brennan says:

    It Was On The Left Side With Login,Private Lender Website????

  9. Paul Brennan says:

    Do You Read The Bible?

  10. Frances velazquez Velazquez says:

    Proof of funds letter , where can i get it?

  11. Andrea Souriyavong says:

    Ron as promised when we sign up, where is the proof of funds letter

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